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What Secrets Lie Within?

25. Hidden Sewer

A secret sewer can be discovered north of Taffington Boathouse.

24. Yangtze Submarine

An old Chinese relic from the war, the Yangtze is a military submarine hidden underwater. To find it, head south of the Boston Airport and swim until you find a pole sticking out of the water. You'll get to explore the sub and enjoy the quest and unique weapon that comes with it.  

23. Cat Farm

Head southeast of Walden Pond and you’ll find a trader living with three of his cats. Normally that’d be adorable, until you realize what exactly he sells (Hint: it’s not fancy feast).

22. The Pickman Gallery

How avant-garde.

A macabre art project consisting of strung corpses and blood paintings can be toured inside a building called The Pickman Gallery. Just head south of USS Constitution to reach this colorful H.P. Lovecraft reference.  

21. Hideout Under the Bridge

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