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What Secrets Lie Within?

20. Mysterious Stranger Case File

"I'm onto you, Mysterious Stranger! If that is your real name!"

If you have the Mysterious Stranger perk and he helps you out while Nick Valentine is with you, the noir detective will comment on it. He’ll say he’s been trying to peg him down for years, and will even have a file on him in his office. Find it beneath the bed for a fascinating read.

19. Gary Blocks

Not to be confused with his brother, Xzuu.

A nod to the Gary clones of Vault 108 in Fallout 3, numerous building blocks have been positioned to spell out “Gary”.

18. Fallout Lunchboxes

"Stan's! Definitely do not eat--I don't care how long it's been!"

Vault-tec lunchboxes can be found all throughout the Boston Wasteland. Pop one open and out pops a random item with a burst of celebratory confetti.

17. Happy Birthday Sweet Roll

So it’s a little stale! So what?

You can take part in the Lone Wanderer’s tenth birthday by eating the sweet roll they received as a present. Who knows how it got from DC to Boston? The Happy Birthday sweet roll is located on a table in the dining room of the Reeb Marina.

16. Red Seat of Ted Williams’ Home Run

Baseball fans might know about the lonely red seat of Fenway Park. It marks the exact landing spot of Ted Williams’ home run—the park’s furthest. But did you know Bethesda added that little detail to Fallout 4?

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you can spot it in Diamond City. The seat is slightly redder than the other rusted chairs.

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