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What Secrets Lie Within?

40. Unique Weapon: Junk Jet

Collect all the Teds and let them loose.

During the Call to Arms quest with Paladin Dance, be sure to explore the engine control
room. You’ll find the bulky Junk Jet on a table. Stuff a teddy bear inside and take off a raider’s head!

39. Energy Weapon: Tesla Rifle

It's basically force lightning.

Requires the Automatron DLC. During the Headhunters quest in Fort Hagen Satellite array, you’ll be able to loot the Tesla Rifle from the area’s boss.   

38. Power Fist: Deathclaw Gauntlet

Slightly more painful than brass knuckles.

Once you’ve started The Devil’s Due quest, grab the Pristine Deathclaw Egg at the Museum of Witchcraft. The next stage of the quest will take you to a nest where the Deathclaw Gauntlet lies in wait.

37. Sword: Shishkebab

Wait till you set it on fire.

As a reward for completing the Out of the Fire quest, you’ll receive this flaming katana. Head to Finch Farm and speak to Abraham Finch to begin the quest. From there, delve into Saugus Blast Furnace and take out the ferocious boss, Slag. He'll drop Shishkebab from his cold, dead hands.

36. Alien Blaster Pistol

Do you believe in aliens? Who cares—you get a cool gun out of this!

Once you reach a high enough level, an event will trigger. A flaming UFO will shoot across the sky. You can find the crash site southeast of Oberland Station. Search the nearby cave, and you’ll run into a wounded extraterrestrial in possession of the alien blaster pistol.

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