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best PC Racing Games 2016
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6) Forza 6: Apex

You might not want to go back to the real world after this

Forza 6: Apex is a free to play game available on the Windows Store. Yes, you read that right, its free to play. As strange as it sounds, its all true and its never been better for racing game fans. Although the game lacks a lot of the customization options and a lot of content is missing as compared to the console version, it does have better graphics if your PC has the hardware to support the higher resolution on offer.

Otherwise, the much loved physics model has been carried over and apart from the fact that micro transactions are required to unlock new cars, its a dream come true. The feeling of driving a real car in your very own house with those spectacular graphics, its something from the future. It’s still in beta though, and steering wheel support is yet to be added.


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