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5 Best Online Zombie Survival Games
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1. Dead Island: Epidemic

Ready for a crazy fun hack-and-slash zombie fest? Look no further than Dead Island: Epidemic. Even though this game is free and currently in open beta, it is provides one of the best online zombie killing experiences.

Dead Island: Epidemic has a constantly expanding roster of vibrant characters to choose from. Characters range from specializing in close range combat, ranged combat, support, and a mix of everything in between. Players collect blue prints as they play and each blue print will provide the design for a weapon from six different weapon categories. These weapons have tons of mods and can be given special attributes. Players have an extreme amount of freedom in how they want to customize their gameplay experience and will satisfy even the toughest critic.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? 

Players have two modes to chose from in their zombie slaughter fest, player verses enemy mode and player verses player mode. In PvE: Crossroads players will be teamed up with three other players and will carry out three randomly generated missions. These missions range from gathering supplies, freeing survivors, fighting tons of zombies, and crazy boss fights. At the end of each session Crossroads awards players for how well they did and scales the difficulty of the following mission accordingly. In PvP: Scavenger the game pits three teams consisting of four members each against each other in zombie filled maps. Collecting the most resources is the key to success. Players need to get pretty crafty when it comes to winning the match. Should you and your team form a temporary alliance with another team or slowly build up your lead before destroying the others—the choice is yours.

Dead Island: Epidemic wont disappoint and will only get better with future development. 


Ready to fight for your people yet? Or maybe you want to form a group and strategize first? Got any pro tips for the rest of us? Comment below so we can get our battle plans ready. 

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