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5 Best Online Zombie Survival Games
The fight for humanity is here


4. Dead Frontier 

Maybe in this lifetime you didn't get to become a scientist, doctor, or engineer like your parents wanted, but the zombie apocalypse is giving you the chance to live out your parents dreams in Dead Frontier. This expansive browser based game takes place after a pharmaceutical company creates a wonder drug that has terrible zombie inducing side effects. The world quickly falls into chaos and you play as a survivor ready to fight for what's yours.

Dead Frontier offers over 200 weapons and a total of 20 professions to choose from at the start of the game. There are tons of different options to fit various play styles, a player can pick from the production class and be a scientist who creates goods to sell, the service class and work as an engineer who can sell their services, the stat-boost class and be a formerly famous athlete, or the role playing class and be the most bad ass of priests. Players can customize their characters and decide their gender, skin tone, hair style, and facial expression.

You can almost feel the grit

This game has one of the steepest learning curves. There aren't any formal tutorials and players must experiment with lots of trial and error. New players should be ready to spend their first few hours testing out the game play, exploring, and dying tons. Whether players decide to explore the game or their own or within a group, strategy is the key to survival. The player's hunger, health, and ammo must be constantly maintained or death might come along faster than they expected.  

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