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5 Best Online Zombie Survival Games
The fight for humanity is here


2. 7 Days to Die

Ready to live the post-apocalyptic scenario of your dreams? 7 Days to Die is your gateway to living that zombie survival dream like never before. The game takes place after the fall of civilization in a world that is entirely buildable and equally destructible, combining elements of exploration, scavenging, and base-defense.

With each session the player's world is randomly generated and features expansive cities, mountains, caves, and other forms of wilderness. Players can take this world on alone or with friends at their side to increase their chances of survival. Scavenging is the key to success, players will need to search abandoned cities or take to the wilderness to gather supplies in order to build their own tools, weapons, defenses, and shelters. Anything in the game can be destroyed and scarped for resources. All items and structures need to be carefully made because poorly constructed buildings can fall apart and potentially damage players.

A little bit of fire can do this zombie some good

Players can spend their time growing plants, hunting animals, developing skill trees to enhance abilities, and completing missions for NPCs in exchange for experience and items. The game offers full character customization with body morphing and customizable features such as skin, eye, and hair color.

These factors make 7 Days to Die a truly unique and immersive experience. As the game in currently in its alpha stage, all of these features will be expanded upon in future developments, adding more depth and additional dangers. 

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