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They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!
They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!

3. Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2


Alyx Vance is already inscribed in gaming’s history books as one of the first A.I. companions who isn’t a total dolt. Not only can she take care of herself, she can hack alien computers and bypass security systems like it’s child’s play. Most surprising of all, while a wimpy egghead like Gordon Freeman needs his HEV suit for protection, Alyx blazes into battle in nothing more than her scruffy jeans and faded jacket. Now THAT’s badass.

Not to mention Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes would be as dry as a 10,000-year-old mummy without her wit, charm, and sense of humor. Few video game babes can match Alyx’s intelligence, skill, and charisma – and she doesn’t even have to look like she just came off the set of a Brazzers photoshoot to look gorgeous!






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