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They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!
They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!

4. Maya, from Borderlands


First, they gave us Lilith. Then, they gave us Maya. The people behind Borderlands sure know how to make their women as sexy as hell.

Like Lilith, Maya is a Siren. Her identification as such at a young age made her vulnerable to exploitation by a religious order, who eventually used her to strike fear into the masses. Tiring of this injustice and longing for adventure, Lilith executed her handlers and fled to Pandora to learn more about Sirens.

This spitfire is adept at gunplay; with any of Borderland 2’s bazillion firearms, she can litter a battlefield with corpses within seconds. She also has the Phaselock ability, which can suck enemies into a focal point, crushing the life out of them.

With her sensuous, slender frame, exotic tattoos, vampire-pale skin, sexy blue hair, and smoky, seductive eyes, Maya’s sex appeal is off the charts. Definitely one of the most delectable video game babes in the industry!






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