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best pvp mmorpg
Tired of fighting orcs and mutated rabbits? Try your hand at some great PVP in these MMORPGs.

5. Legends of Ultima

Legends of Ultima Gameplay

Legend of Ultima’s website calls this community server the “true spiritual successor” to the popular Ultima Online. We call it … well, we call it number five.

Ultima Online is a true throwback for longtime fans of the sandbox MMORPG genre. The game was originally released in 1997 and built up a huge fanbase. The love for this game has not died away, as evidenced by the release of the community server Legends of Ultima. This latest server is based in the Legends of Aria game and incorporates many of the Ultima Online’s features for nostalgia purposes. The end result is magnificent.

Creators of Legend of Ultima want to foster friendly social interaction among players. This is why they put such an emphasis in their PvP. Tournaments are fun to enter. Dungeon PvP makes for a great challenge, especially if you’re craving loot. Fans of the older Ultima game will love this one.

This game draws inspiration from the classic 1997 game. PvP added a social element!

Explore the world on foot or on mount!

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