Top 10 MMORPGs with the Best Graphics

MMORPGs with the Best Graphics
10 MMORPGs that amaze us all with their beautiful graphics.

Ahhh … The pleasant sight of ultra-clear, glossy graphics in a fun MMORPG. It’s enough to make any geek swoon.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are known for having some stellar graphics. That’s because of how important immersion is to MMORPG players. Most players like to feel as though they are actually in the gigantic, shimmering world they’re helping their character adventure through. When a MMORPG has graphics that look almost real, that makes this feeling easier to accomplish.

For all of you who are wondering which MMORPG you’d like to play next, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the very best MMORPGs with high-end graphics that will make you pinch yourself. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 MMORPGs with the Best Graphics!

10. Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade Gameplay

Come on, ladies and gent! Yeah, it’s your time to shine too, dude! Let’s go kick some Naraka butt!

Scarlet Blade is a cyberpunk MMORPG published by Aeria Games that was released back in 2012. You have seven powerful classes to choose from when creating your in-game character. These classes are Defender, Whipper, Shadow Walker, Punisher, Sentinel, Cyberblade and Medic. Originally the game featured only female classes, but the Cyberblade (male only) class was later introduced. The story of Scarlet Blade is like so: there was an invasion by the Naraka that destroyed mankind’s strongest weapons and nearly obliterated them altogether. Now it’s up to the Arcana to get rid of those Naraka pests and restore peace to their world. Choose from two factions, either the Free Knights or the Royal Guards, and adventure through a world where women are only offered the bare minimum of clothing to wear! But the lack of armor for female avatars in games is a whole other article.

Despite controversies about the game being way over the top with innuendos, you can still admit that the graphics are well done.

Say hello to the Shadow Walker, one of the playable character classes in Scarlet Blade. That suit and Epona mech look amazing!

Scarlet Blade has a highly detailed world for players to explore. The option to adjust your camera allows for a better view of the gorgeous scenery.

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