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Hottest Babes From Fighting Games
Breaking hearts AND bones!

6. Ivy Valentine (Soulcalibur)

Ivy Valentine a

A tall, busty, silver-haired woman wielding a magnificent mechanical whip that turns into a sword: this is Ivy Valentine, an alchemist, sorcerer, warrior, and Soulcalibur’s premier sex symbol. There is no denying the latter; she’s got the outfits, and she isn’t shy about displaying her, ehem, “assets.” Though she isn’t evil, she has a tendency towards cruelty. But beneath her sadistic demeanor, Ivy is a woman yearning for freedom from the curse binding her to Soul Edge, the evil living weapon that ruined her life.

Ivy Valentine b

Ivy Valentine c

Ivy Valentine d

Ivy Valentine e

Ivy Valentine f

Ivy Valentine i

Ivy Valentine j

Ivy Valentine k

Ivy Valentine l

Ivy Valentine m

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