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They'll eat you for breakfast.
They'll eat you for breakfast.

3. Baal, from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

From Diablo II: Lord of Destruction comes Baal, one of the Prime Evils of the Burnings Hells. After Diablo releases him from his prison, Baal and his demonic army invade the Barbarian homelands and destroy the holy shrine atop Mount Arreat. He then corrupts the Worldstone – the artifact that played a significant role in the creation of Sanctuary.

Blizzard’s dark fantasy is chockfull of unfairly difficult bosses, from Diablo’s different incarnations throughout the series to the fallen Archangel Malthael in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. But of all the demons, monsters, and other freaks the franchise throws you, Baal is the one that’ll wear down your patience until it’s nothing but a powdery remnant of what used to be your sanity.

Baal emits a chilling wave that slows you down, knocks you back, and that’s borderline impossible to dodge. He teleports. He creates clones of himself, which retain all the original’s abilities. He drains your mana like a frat boy guzzles beer. And because he’s a demon, he’s got a kinky side, summoning tentacles that grope you in your tender spots until you’re red with shame.

One of the vilest video game villains in history.

Baal 01

As ugly as sin (Image from YouTube)

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