10 Video Game Bosses Who Slaughtered Millions of Noobs Worldwide: Page 9 of 10

They'll eat you for breakfast.
They'll eat you for breakfast.

2. Emerald Weapon, from Final Fantasy VII

Emerald Weapon is the toughest of the five ridiculously hard optional superbosses in Final Fantasy VII. Awakened during times of great crisis, the Weapons protect the Planet against threats such as Sephiroth’s summoning of Meteor.

Because he’s been taking his breakfasts very seriously since childhood, Emerald now boasts a whopping 1,000,000 hit points. He’s immune to most status ailments. Many of his special attacks affect the entire party while simultaneously dealing thousands of hit points in damage. Those same attacks cancel out your party’s buffs. His most brutal move is the Aire Tam Storm, which multiplies the damage by the amount of Materia you have equipped. So the more Materia your characters have on them, the easier it is for him to one-hit kill them.

All your party members at level 99? To Emerald, they’re mosquitoes to be shrugged off – or swatted with utterly zero mercy.

Emerald Weapon 01

Hold your breath... this is gonna be one tough battle!

Emerald Weapon 02

This can't be good...

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