10 Video Game Bosses Who Slaughtered Millions of Noobs Worldwide: Page 7 of 10

They'll eat you for breakfast.
They'll eat you for breakfast.

4. C’Thun, from World of Warcraft

C'thun 01

I SEE YOUUUUU (Image from FantasyPower)

You know a video game boss is teeth-grindingly hard when the developer is forced to release a patch nerfing said boss.

An Old God residing within the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, C’Thun awakens after millennia of sleep to marshal his army of insectoid Qiraji against Azeroth. Which means only one thing… lots and lots of dead heroes.

World of Warcraft’s C’Thun was nefarious among high level raiders as being just a few degrees away from full-on invincibility. He was able to crush even the most well-coordinated guilds to a pulp, scattering their level 70 members like so many pieces of detritus after a hurricane. He’s a little more manageable now, thanks to the nerf, but those tentacles of his still pack quite a punch. Take it from us; you’ll be seeing red before you put him down for good.

C'thun 02

Reminds me of a Xenomorph egg - only what comes out is far, far worse (Image from WoWWiki)

C'thun 03

His victims are a thousandfold (Image from WoWWiki)

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