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They'll eat you for breakfast.
They'll eat you for breakfast.

5. Ultimecia, from Final Fantasy VIII

Ultimecia 01

She should fire her make-up artist (Image from VillainsWiki)

Final Fantasy is known for its convoluted stories, and Final Fantasy VIII’s Ultimecia is one of the most perplexing video game villains ever to be contrived. Basically, she’s a time-hopping sorceress from the future who possesses a woman named Edea Kramer to bend the entirety of Galbadia to her will. Her ultimate goal? Why, to merge all eras so that she can kill everybody and become a goddess, of course!

But she’s not just absurd… she’s almost one heck of a tough boss.

Nothing is more aggravating than killing a boss, only to find out that she’s still alive. And with Ultimecia, this happens not once, but three times, as the battle consists of four different stages, each one more difficult than the last. First, she appears as her sweet, sexy self. Then, she summons the insanely powerful Griever to turn your party to dust. Then she combines with Griever, because why not. Then she transforms into something from Tetsuya Nomura’s wildest LSD trip.

She’s got area attacks that literally bring your heroes to their knees (9999 hit points down to 1 in two seconds will do that) and spells that cause all manner of status ailments. And she knows exactly how to exploit your heroes’ weaknesses. Been ignoring that crybaby Rinoa for most of your game? Tough luck – she’ll be dead in no time.

Ultimecia 02

Probably needs a Snickers bar

Ultimecia 03

Time travel does wonders to your complexion!

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