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2. The Elder Scrolls

Nothing titillates your imagination like an Elder Scrolls game. Walk through the alien mushroom forests of Morrowind. Gaze upon the bright red dawn as sunrays beam down over the golden grass of Cyrodiil. Climb the snowy mountaintops of Skyrim as a white flurry sweeps over you and a dragon’s roar echoes in the distance.

You’re an elven bowmaster honing your skills. A dagger dancing sneakthief who only pounces the rich. A barbarous orc indiscriminately smashing heads like melons with your bulky warhammer. An elegant spellsword whose blade sings through the air as lightning dances along your fingertips.

"I'll take the guy on the... uh... You know what, you got this."

You’re free to be whoever you want. And then, you’re free to indulge in the vast land at your fingertips. Delve into dark dungeons filled with dripping water, distant cries of creatures, and bountiful treasure chests. Complete side quests for citizens in need. Join guilds to test your might and climb the ranks.

There’s an endless supply of enemies to fight. From snarling wolves, earthshaking giants, monstrous daedra, and massive dragons sweeping through the skies raining fire and death from above. Quests, alight with lore and mythology, conceal secrets and rewards for you to uncover.

There is always more to do, more to see, and you’ll never be able to scrape through the top layer in one go.

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