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10 Free Horror Games That You Should Play And Share with Friends
Step right into the terrors


5. Soundless Mountain 2 

That darn hole strikes again

Can't get enough of Silent Hill 2 even after all of these years? You're in luck with Soundless Mountain 2, which plays as an NES style demake of Silent Hill 2. The game follows Jake in his search for his missing wife, Kate, in the seemingly abandoned town of Soundless Mountain. This game holds tons of nostalgic value and will be best enjoyed by fans of Silent Hill 2 as Soundless Mountain 2 perfectly encapsulates the eerie atmosphere and iconic gameplay of the original game.

Soundless Mountain 2 begins with Jake speaking to his reflection in an utterly disgusting public bathroom. He steps out and reads a letter from his wife, "In the dark of night, I see that place. Soundless Mountain" (fans will be hearing the "proper" dialogue in their heads now). Players will soon pass by a girl (known as Angela in Silent Hill 2) sitting in a cemetery and tells Jake that she is looking for her "Mama." The girl then directs Jake to Soundless Mountain where the frights are about to begin. Players will find the radio and the game's first enemy just like they did in the original game (you guys know how it goes). After the encounter, players will explore the town, finding find health drinks, weapons, ammo, and a trusty flashlight.

Don't be disappointed when you reach the "end" of the game, the actual ending is currently a work in progress. Fans of Silent Hill 2 should be very excited for the completion of this wonderfully made demake.

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