Top 10 Best Horror Comics Loved by Millions Worldwide

Best Horror Comics

Horror comics are loved by millions but getting into the genre can be a little tough if it’s your first go around.

Luckily for you, we’ve done our research and compiled a list to give you a good starting point.

*Warning* There will be blood.

Here’s our list of the top 10 best horror comics loved by millions worldwide.

10: Nailbiter

If you’re intrigued by serial killers, this one is for you. Our story takes place in the fictional town of Buckaroo, Oregon. Home to 16 of the vilestmost vile serial killers in recent history, with one remaining: Edward “Nailbiter” Warren. The comic follows Nicholas Finch, an Army Intelligence officer, who receives a call from his old friend Carroll, who wants to share the dark results of his research. Carroll, one of the police officers in this town, has been studying and compiling connections between the 16 “Buckaroo Butchers”. The story takes a sharp turn when Finch arrives in Buckaroo to discover that Carroll is now missing.

Crawl into the mind of a serial killer. 

Nailbiter leaving his signature mark on his victims.

What’s awesome about this comic?  

  • The “WTF” factor that makes you feel a little gross inside but compels you to keep reading.
  • Dark humor – You gotta have something to laugh about to break up all the murder.
  • Uniquely disturbed serial killers. The creators of this comic are on record as saying they’ve taken a “Batman villain” approach to creating the outlandish and colorful serial killers that plague the small town of Buckaroo.

9: Colder

Switching things up a bit, Colder is a story of the outright insane. This critically acclaimed comic follows the story of Declan Thomas, an ex-inmate of an insane asylum that was destroyed in a fire. Five years later is when our story begins. Not much is known about his origin, but that didn’t stop his former nurse, Reece Talbot, from taking him into her home and caring for him these past few years. Things get interesting as our main antagonist, Simple Jack, enters the fold. A mysterious man with seemingly otherworldly abilities who feeds on the insanity of others. Naturally, Simple Jack is drawn to Declan in a very, Batman vs Joker kind of way.

Nimble Jack feeds on the insanity that surround us all.

The lower Declan's body temperature gets, the closer Nimble Jack gets to his meal. 

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • The artwork is reason enough to buy these comics. Juan Ferreyra created artwork that only becomes more disturbing the more you look at it.
  • This is truly a horror comic. A lot of the time, these comics tend to be more psychological thriller than horror. Not this one.
  • The pacing of this comic will surely keep you hooked. No lulls in the action here. 

8: Babyteeth 

This comic reimagines what life would be like if Rosemary decided to keep her baby and foster his evil ways. Donny Cates puts a unique spin on the classic concept with our 16-year-old protagonist, who is surprised to find out that she’s giving birth to the antichrist. She struggles with the idea of raising her child for a time, but eventually decides she’s going to care for him, feed him blood instead of milk, and protect him from a secret society designed to prevent the end of days. Things get messy fast.


Having a child is an imposing enough proposition for anyone, none the less a sixteen-year-old girl.

Sadie Ritter is sixteen years old, nine months pregnant, and scared of her sweet, nerdy mind.

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • A unique and refreshing take on a classic concept in a modern setting.
  • Extremely ambitious and well written.
  • Gives an interesting view into the perspective of a family acknowledging and still deciding to protect and support the literal devil.

7: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth


One of the darkest and most disturbing DC comics ever made, and often referred to as just Arkham Asylum. This story begins with our favorite grim and tortured vigilant, Batman, entering the asylum after getting word that it was recently taken over by the entire roster of evil villains led by, you guessed it, The Joker. Locked in and pushed to the limits of his own sanity, Batman must find a way to escape this living hell.

Amadeus Arkham – Founder of Arkham Asylum

The gritty, nightmarish art style makes reading this story an immersive journey.

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • Dark, realistic twist on the caped crusaders story.
  • Familiar and likeable villains. Even if they are trying to kill old Bats.
  • They made a video game about this comic. That’s how good it is. You can read it, then play it.

6: I Am a Hero

This award-winning zombie apocalypse manga is one of my favorites. Our protagonist is a mentally unstable man named Hideo who’s grown exhausted and bitter after years of failed relationships, unfulfilled dreams, and strange hallucinations. One day, his life is turned upside down by the outbreak of a disease that turns people into violent zombies, known as ZQN. Taking place in Japan, Hideo is one of the few people who have a firearm, which is exactly what causes him to discover his purpose. He is a Hero.

In the early stages of the outbreak, vital mistakes were made.

(Image Caption) Zombies in mirror are closer than they appear. 

Zombies in mirror are closer than they appear.

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • Although it’s based on the zombie apocalypse, it’s a unique take on the concept. I found it interesting that people who turned were able to keep a small part of themselves, sometimes repeating words or returning to their homes.
  • Takes place AS the zombie apocalypse is happening, so you get to see society slowly take a turn for the worst.
  •  Art style is very appealing. Some of the wide shot cityscapes are just gorgeous.

5: Gideon Falls

Wherever this black barn appears, people die, and bad things happen. Our protagonist, Fred, is a catholic priest who is sent on a mission to replace the recently deceased priest of a small town called Gideon Falls. While there, Fred notices that something just isn’t right here and decides to investigate what’s causing all these mysterious events.

Father Fred's frst encounter with the mysterious black barn. 

The Barn causes people to have dark, inexplicable visions.

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • Paranormal story.
  • One of the most satisfying endings on the list.
  • Parallel story line – Norton, the towns local loony, battling with his visions of the barn.

4: The Immortal Hulk

This one’s pretty straightstraight forward, it’s the Hulk in a horror comic book. The story is centered around Bruce Banner and his struggle to keep the Hulk contained, however there’s a few key differences. For one, the government is actively seeking to assassinate Bruce Banner through the efforts of the Shadow Base. The biggest twist though, is implied in the title: The Hulk is immortal. Not in the sense that he’s impervious to bullets, but since he’s so irradiated, his body will eventually restore itself and he’ll come back to life. Plenty of twisted, body horror in these sequences are not for the squeamish.

Something tells me this guy’s about to have a rough day. Yikes.

When’s the last time you saw The Hulk rip someone’s spine out?

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • It’s not your typical Hulk story we’ve heard time and time again. This is actually the first horror approach taken for this character. As such, it’s gained immense popularity this year.
  • This is the first time the Hulk has intentionally killed someone in his lore (Depending on the writer) and it’s just as satisfying as you think it’ll be.
  • The body mutilation during the Hulks regeneration is a serious seriously a highlight. Super gruesome.

3: Ice Cream Man

This story doesn’t necessarily follow one character, it’s more of a compilation of stories with one unchanging element: A demonic ice cream man. With an old timely feel, this comic is dripping with nostalgic artwork and very creepy vibes. Don’t panic next time you hear that familiar tune…

It doesn’t take long to discover how sinister The Ice Cream Man really is.

He may grant your wishes, but at what cost?

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • It’s got a little something for everyone. Each tale has different characters and outcomes.
  • Shorter stories mean a faster pace. Things tend to stay interesting in this town.
  • Series improves as it continues giving us a deeper and more thoughtful story progression.

2: Infidel

Loosely based on current events, Infidel takes place in modern times following our Pakistani-American protagonist, Aisha Hasan, as she battles xenophobia while moving into her new apartment. Things take an interesting turn when she discovers her apartment is haunted by a demon who feeds on the hatred that her neighbors have for her.

Aisha is being tortured by a demon, but no one believes her.

I think I’d rather deal with that demon than Aisha’s mom.

What’s awesome about this comic? 

  • It’s an intelligent perspective on a very real horror that many of us face daily.
  • Horrifying monster design. They make it uncomfortable to even look at this creature and it’s perfect.
  • The atmosphere created by this story really makes you look at society differently without coming off as super preachy.

2: The Walking Dead

Easily one of the most influential and popular series of the early 2000’s, The Walking Dead follows the post-apocalyptic, zombie riddled story of local Deputy Rick Grimes. This dark, gripping comic highlights the struggles of survival in a cold world where the walkers are the least of your concerns. This story does a phenomenal job of keeping you on your toes and getting you emotionally invested by evoking a sharp sense hopelessness and despair as Rick and his group of survivors face the dangers lurking around every corner. (Even if you’ve seen the Hit TV show on AMC, it will only enrich the experience. Don’t let that stop you from getting into the comic)

Eye bet his aim isn’t that great anyway.

Imagine being a walker and running into these guys… Oof.

What’s awesome about this comic?

  • In the apocalypse, anything can be deadly. Seriously, you can’t just run to Walmart and buy Band-aids and Advil. It’s a rough on these streets.
  • Gore. Everywhere. All the time. It’s all fun and games until a walker digs into your gut with his bare hands, pulls out your intestines and eats them in front of you. Yikes.   
  • There are 192 issues of this comic book. That’s the beauty of it, if you’re new to the series you have plenty of amazing content to catch up on.

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