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10 Free Horror Games That You Should Play And Share with Friends
Step right into the terrors


6. Dont Look Now

Reminds me of my college dorm

Ever feel like a scatter brain, with you thoughts spread out in every which way? Now it's time to string those thoughts back together with Don't Look Now. Players must navigate various environments, with disturbing messages etched on the walls of the "maze of pain and fear" you're stuck within in order to find their happy place. The game begins with players trapped within a maze with bright yellow post-it notes covering the walls and enchantingly fall from above. As players navigate the maze, they must collect the pieces of their mind which are represented as glowing orbs in trees. Monsters are lurking within the maze and one note warns that they will "haunt you and drain you of your sanity." These creatures have the ability to freeze players by looking at them and can force players to stare directly at them. It's game over if you look at them for too long, your only hope is to try to quickly redirect yourself by smashing the "Q" key.

The game provides a fantastic and conclusive ending that will leave players satisfied long after, only if they survive and can reach their promised happy place.

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