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Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC


5) Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer

Destiny is the often polarizing First Person Shooter meets small scale MMORPG released by Bungie in 2017. A direct sequel to the also-controversial Destiny, the game follows the player who takes on the role of a “Guardian”, a defender of earth who uses the power of Light to fight hostile alien forces in order to protect the Earth’s last safe haven. The game is a first person shooter at heart, however it shares elements with MMORPG’s as the world that the player is in is shared amongst numerous other players.

They fight together in dynamic events and raids as well as in the PVP crucible mode. Destiny 2 won PC game of the year at the 2017 games critics awards, and still maintains a fairly large following today, despite the fact that it has been heavily criticized for its lack of innovation from the first game, light end game content, and a perceived failure of Bungie to listen to their fan base and address these issues.

Truth be told, although it doesn’t hold up great as an MMO, as a FPS and RPG, Destiny 2 is still top notch. The combat is tight and fun, and the blend of “magic” powers and sci-fi combat is one of the best available, especially on PC. The game world itself is extremely dynamic, and the lore that they have built no only into the humans but into all of the other races as well means that the world of Destiny is a blast to spend time in.

Along with this is the loot system they have created. The guns that the player encounters throughout the game are diverse, interesting, and a joy to use. They are diverse enough to encourage multiple builds (at least until end game raiding) and unique enough that the player constantly feels encouraged to equip new ones, instead of relying on a single weapon for long stretches of time throughout the game.

Let’s be real, this is Bungie after all. When it comes to First Person Shooters set in a grand sci-fi universe, they kind of have it down. Maybe Destiny 2 doesn’t quite live up to the grand legacy of Halo, but if you remove the comparison, and all of the drama around it’s MMO features, it is a top notch shooter and an above average RPG.

It doesn’t matter how far into the future you go, everyone looks better with a cape.

When you need to save the world from invading aliens but you spent all night watching Legolas tear it up in Lord of the Rings.

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