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Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC


7) Prey

Prey Gameplay Trailer 

Prey 2 was a game was a game that many fans thought was left for dead after a long stint in development hell after its original announcement back in 2006. It faced cancellation, intellectual property transfer issues, and a myriad of other problems throughout it’s decade long development cycle, but when it finally rose from the ashes as Prey in 2017 all of the waiting was handsomely rewarded. The new game was a reboot instead of a direct sequel, taking place on a space station above earth where things have started to go… awry.

Don’t want to get too far into spoiler territory but suffice to say Morgan Yu, the player character, can’t trust anything in the environment in which he finds himself. Set as a first person horror RPG, Morgan is tasked with unraveling the mystery of what exactly has gone wrong on the station, who is at fault, and how they can keep things from spiraling further out of control and causing irreparable harm back home on earth. Morgan can use weapons and resources found throughout the ship to traverse and fight their way through the station, as well as upgraded along different tech trees, some of which give Morgan access to supernatural powers taken from aliens.

The game emphasizes stealth and creative combat, especially in the beginning of the game when the enemies are drastically stronger than the player. It combines elements of stealth and horror with first person shooter and melee tactics.

What really sets Prey apart from other games in the genre, is the fact that enemies are able to take on the appearance of almost anything in the environment. Seriously, like even a desk chair. The player basically can’t trust anything in the world around them as they make their way through the failing station. The resource management system is also very unique as the player must create almost all of their ammunition, healing items, upgrade items, and weapons from the same resource pool.

This means that there is quite a bit of balancing to do, especially during the first half of the game, as resources at that point are scarce and harder to come by. Prey also is host to some truly unique weapons that bring a level of humor and strategy to combat, such as the foam gun that you can use to slow down enemies as well as build ramps and walls, and even what is essentially a NERF crossbow. Overall the game is a perfect balance of suspense, survival, and RPG systems that cause it to stand out in a marketplace of creepy space station games, which is why we have it here on our list.

Hey look he wants a hug! Better shoot his friend though, that one looks sketchy.

Dance parties look weird in the future. Got the foam gun ready though.

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