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the best sci fi rpgs
Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC

9) Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars the Old Republic Expansion Trailer

It seems like Star Wars The Old Republic is one of those games that many players forget is still around when discussing both RPGs and MMOs, which is a real shame as it is still consistently pumping out top notch content for it’s rabid fanbase 7 years after launch.

It remains one of the only fully voice acted MMO’s available and is still bringing in millions of dollars in revenue for EA and Bioware each year. SWTOR is an MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe years before the events in the movies, when the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic have recently settled on an uneasy peace.

Players are able to pick from numerous class options on both sides of the conflict and see their character grow along class specific storylines, while taking part in major events throughout the world at large. There is the standard MMO setup where the player quests through a connected central world with other players as well as dungeon and raid instances where they can play with smaller specialized groups.

What truly sets Star Wars apart is the way that it is able to combine a traditional MMORPG’s elements with the voice acting, dynamic storytelling, and companion system of a Bioware game. The sheer volume of spoken lines is already incredible, which is why most MMO’s don’t even entertain the idea of full voice acting in their games, and yet Bioware has not only been able to produce the voice acting, but it’s GOOD voice acting that already sets it up on a pedestal above many other sci-fi RPG’s.

Along with the voice acting is the companion system that has become a staple in Bioware’s games. Not only are the companions useful in combat, they also have well written and enjoyable questlines of their own coupled with an affection system that adds another layer to the decisions that the player must make throughout their playthrough.

The idea that every choice has a real consequence to the companions that the player is traveling with has a direct influence on how they decide to act and draws them further into the world. This is what keeps the players coming back this long after launch and is what earns SWTOR the number 9 spot on our list.

See they don’t have the high ground so an aerial attack is definitely the way to go.

Credit to the guy in the middle who is not the least bit concerned that he is about to get force lightning straight to the face.

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