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Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC


6) The Surge

The Surge Cinematic Trailer

When The Surge released in May of 2017, it was almost immediately labeled as sci-fi dark souls. It was a difficult, gritty RPG set in a dystopian future when humans have exhausted the Earth’s natural resources to the point of sever political and social strain. You play as an unnamed protagonist in a wheelchair, who arrives for his first day of work at a Google-esque tech company campus. You sign up to get a new exoskeleton suit, which will allow you to walk again, but unfortunately your arrival coincides with a breakout of some seriously messed up tech. This leads to everyone in the facility going crazy and starting to murder one another.

Your character soon finds himself fighting his way through hordes of similarly exosuited enemies, cutting off their limbs to upgrade your suit as you attempt to make your way through the quarantined facility and out to safety. The game was known noted at launch for its difficulty and interesting combat system that saw the player targeting specific limbs to dismember in order to upgrade that part on the players rig. The atmosphere was suspenseful and had a good blend of horror and sci-fi.

At first glance, sci-fi dark souls seems to sum the game up pretty well as the developers noted that Dark Souls was a direct influence for this game as well as its predecessor Lords of the Fallen. That is not necessarily a knock on the game though, as Dark Souls is acclaimed for specific gameplay elements that have built it up quite the fanbase over the years. It maintains the high difficulty, the brutal dropping of resources upon death, and the large scale bosses that fans can expect from a Soulslike games. Luckily, The Surge understands that it needs to build upon these elements in order to offer a fresh take on the formula and introduced one the dismemberment upgrade system.

Basically, if the player sees a part on an enemy that they want or need in order to upgrade their rig, they can target that specific body part and, after doing enough damage to that part, chop it off with a satisfying finishing move. It basically a new layer to the slow and tactical combat that gave the player something to focus on while blocking and dodging in order to keep themselves alive. This was coupled with some excellent world building as Deck 13 went above and beyond to create a sinister, downright spooky world to try to survive in.

The combination of robots and humans make for some truly grotesque enemies and memorable fight sequences. The Surge loses some of its shine in it’s chaotic final act, and there are some difficulty spikes that seem downright unfair, but overall this game is a fresh new take on a well known formula and deserving of a spot on our list.

You know you are having a bad day when the mining equipment wants to kill you. Where is OSHA when you need them?

Oh look, people! Maybe they want to be frie- nope. They want to kill me too. Everyone wants to kill me.

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