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Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC


8) Elex

Elex Trailer 2017

Elex finds itself in a somewhat unique position on our list, as it is probably the least played game in the group. Suffering from a slightly lackluster launch mostly due to what some people considered slightly janky controls as well as a frustratingly difficult combat system, it was met with mixed reviews and did not build up a huge player base.

However for those that did play it, and make it through the extremely difficult beginning, it turned out to be a rewarding and surprisingly complex RPG experience. The player character is a former member of the Alba group of tactical supersoldier that uses a substance known as ELEX to transcend normal human emotions in order to be a better fighter. As tends to happen in these games, something goes wrong and the player is betrayed by his group and left for dead, leading him to take up a quest to get revenge for his betrayal while joining one of the three major factions of the game and helping them ascend to power. Overall it is typical sci-fi RPG fare, the way that the player interacts with the world and approaches combat is what is able to set it apart from other games in the genre.

One of the most unique and enjoyable parts of ELEX is the way that the player class system is setup. You can choose melee combat, magic, or tech with each causing combat to play out very differently. However, it does make it enjoyable to basically be a magic DnD character standing by fighting what is the equivalent of a space marine while getting charged by a berserker with a sword. It sounds a little schizophrenic, but what makes this game special is this type of uniqueness is set up in a way that genuinely works. The writing in the game is also very solid, offering one of the most enjoyable and surprising main quest lines since The Witcher 3.

The characters actually develop, and by the end you are surprisingly invested in the final outcome. Now unfortunately there is a pretty good reason that the game is not as universally renowned as it probably could have been had there not been some very strange design choices made during development. ELEX is a game that almost penalizes you for specializing in anything other than melee combat as almost any other build is going to struggle with resource trouble basically throughout the entire game. It also has some ridiculous enemy difficulty spikes that ended up causing quite a few people to cool on the game. It’s a shame too because if some of these things had been polished out before release I have a feeling ELEX would have ranked much higher on this list, but for now it sits here at number 8.

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