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the best sci fi rpgs
Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC

2) Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy Launch Trailer

Rebel Galaxy is a western style space combat RPG developed by Double Damage games and released in 2015. You play as a space pilot who inherits a less-than-stellar ship named “Rasputin” from a family member and your adventure proceeds from there. Aliens, artifacts, glitchy AI, all of your typical space epic fare is here. Truth be told the story is not what got Rebel Galaxy this spot on our list as it mostly serves to give you direction as your travel from system to system, running delivery missions and increasing the tech on your ship so that you can take on the next big baddy. Instead, what earns Rebel Galaxy the #2 on our list is the smart and addicting gameplay.

Combat takes place on a 2D plane, and mostly involved you positioning your ship to get the biggest number of your guns pointed towards your enemy’s vulnerable spots. You must balance your weapons, speed, and shields in an attempt to give yourself as many advantages as possible. Do you emphasize your shields at the cost of your offense? Do you boost your warp and dart off to avoid an early demise? Do you want to emphasize accuracy by reducing your firing speed?

You can also hire mercenaries to be your combat sidekick, flying around you and assisting with combat whenever they can. They aren’t really game changers, but are helpful enough and make you feel a little less alone on your epic space journeys. Speaking of journeying, there is a lot of it. Whether you are hunting space pirates, representing a space guild, running a fetch quest, or investigating a mysterious beacon, you spend tons of time making your way to different parts of the galaxy, meeting new races, and engaging with NPC’s. Thankfully, they are varied and interesting enough that I never got bored.

Granted they aren’t as fleshed out as the alien races in Mass Effect, but for a game based around space combat and flight, they are pretty engaging. The space cowboy theme is very present so if you are feeling that everlasting Firefly nostalgia Rebel Galaxy could scratch that itch. Really though, most of this is ancillary to the fact that this is just a great space shooter. The movement is fluid, the combat is dynamic, and upgrading your tech satisfying. What more can you ask for? You can find it on Steam for a good price as it is currently listed at just $19.99.

Ah, the classic lose them in an asteroid field trick. Doesn’t look like it’s going to work this time though.

You know what would make this beautiful and serene space scene look better? Explosions.

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