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Hungry for more Star Wars? Check out these awesome games!

6. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D (1998)

Rogue Squadron
Rogue Squadron lets you fly X-Wing fighters and more in a variety of missions against the Empire.

A big part of the Star Wars movies are the exciting space battles, and if you ever wanted to try your hand at flying in one, Rogue Squadron 3D brought that experience into a fun arcade-style action game that really nailed the feeling of flying and dodging your way through a bunch of spaceships.

Taking control of Luke Skywalker, leader of the Rogue Squadron, players have 4 unique ships and plenty of missions from the films, which all sound and look perfect. The sounds of an X-Wing and TIE Fighters are well-known to fans, and will instantly take you back into that sci-fi feeling.

Rogue Squadron
You can also play from the cockpit in first-person view.

A lot of the missions recreate things from the movies, like flying against the Death Star and shooting a rope to trip some AT-ATs on the snowy planet of Hoth. You'll be doing everything from reconnaissance to escorts and search-and-destroy missions. You can even fly the race in Beggar's Canyon that Luke mentions in A New Hope.

If you like flying games, there's also X-Wing Alliance, which is a bit older and requires a joystick, but provides some great gameplay and lets you fly the Millenium Falcon!

Caution: Rogue Squadron 3D reportedly has issues on Windows 10 at the moment, so check before buying!

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