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9. Star Wars: Battlefront I & II (2004 & 2005)

Battlefront 2
Rushing into battle with dozens of other players, red and green blasters whizzing past.

Not to be confused with the 2015 release, which left players a little disappointed with its lack of content or variety, the original two Battlefront games provided players with huge, large-scale battles that featured tons of different units, vehicles, and heroes to control across a great variety of maps and campaign missions that include both the original and prequel trilogies.

Battlefront's matches can be up to 64 players, and can be played either in single-player scenarios, or online matches. Gameplay is a third-person shooter, with most of the mechanics revolving around taking over control points so you can spawn your characters closer and closer to the goal. There are 4 distinct classes like snipers and engineers, and more than 25 vehicles you can hop in and control directly. There's also Galactic Conquest, which plays like a strategic game of Risk. You command large fleets of ships, and when two opposing forces try to capture the same planet, the game has you play it out on the ground.

Battlefront 2
Vehicles offer a strategic advantage, and an interesting gameplay twist.

Battlefront II plays much the same, but introduced a stronger story mode, told through the eyes of a former Republic trooper who became a Stormtrooper in Vader's veteran forces, the 501st Legion. In addition, if you've done well enough and gotten enough kills with a normal character, you have the chance to control a hero unit like Han Solo or Darth Vader, who have unique abilities and are even more fun to play. The heroes and villains add a powerful new element to the shooting gameplay.

Battlefront II also included excited spaceship combat, where you could engage in dogfights, or land on an enemy ship to continue fighting on foot.

All in all, if you want to know what engaging in one of the wars in Star Wars is like, the original two releases in the Battlefront series offer a lot of multiplayer shooting fun.


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