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3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008)

Force Unleashed
The Force Unleashed takes you to a variety of interesting locations as you fight with lightsaber and Force powers.

Released in an updated version in 2009 for the PC, The Force Unleashed is a thrilling action RPG that is kind of like Star Wars fan fiction, but in a good way, with a brand new character who secretly works for Darth Vader and is also totally powerful. This ridiculous setup, however, makes for some incredibly fun moments of using lightsabers and Force powers to absolutely destroy tons and tons of Stormtroopers.

Force powers in the game feel super super powerful and cool. Toss around Stormtroopers, destroy the environment, block lasers, jump 50 feet to slice with your saber, and pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky. The game features great graphics and fast-paced combo action. Physics in the Force Unleashed are fun and were a major selling point of the game, like Stormtrooper holding on to rails so you don't throw them into the sky, or wood and glass breaking realistically.

Force Unleashed
All of us who watched the movies wanted to use that Force lightning. This games makes it very fun.

You even get to play briefly as Darth Vader, massacring Wookiees like it's nothing, walking slowly and menacingly with your red lightsaber.

The story, which is admittedly a little cheesy at times, bridges the prequel and original trilogies, showing the start of the Rebellion and even explaining how the famous red symbol came to be.There was also a sequel, but it's only OK. Improved combat and production values, but you don't really need to play it.


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