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Hungry for more Star Wars? Check out these awesome games!

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (2003 & 2004)

Knights of the Old Republic takes you to incredible new worlds alongside great, unique companions.

Not to be confused with “The Old Republic,” Knights of the Old Republic is a single-player only RPG from BioWare, and is generally considered to be the #1 Star Wars video game experience. If you are a Star Wars fan and, for some reason, have yet to play this game, just go do it right now.

BioWare brings its usual humor and interesting character backgrounds to the game, and you have the chance to interact with everyone from noble Jedi to crime bosses and a killer assassin droid who kind of hates you, but does what you say.

The game offers you constant choices to balance towards either the Light or the Dark side of the Force depending on your actions. This influence extends to your companions, and can alter their appearance, dialogue, and behavior. If you go hard to the Dark side, you may find your other party members following your lead and becoming more violent and angry.

Your companions also have a light and dark side, which can be influenced by your actions.

The game offers you a variety of ways to play and develop not only your lightsaber fighting, but also what kind of Force user you'll be, whether it's more based on stealth and deception, protection and healing, or vicious attacks. You can also customize a lot of equipment as you go. Who hasn't dreamed of constructing their own lightsaber? When you reach the point in the game where you finally get one, after a few hours of using weapons that aren't lightsabers, it feels so good.

Battles play out in semi-real time, with you choosing skills to activate in a queue with other party members. This brings out a little bit of strategy and planning to the combat, which will be familiar to those who played Dragon Age.

Knights of the Old Republic fills in information on lots of planets and history that have only been hinted at in books and comics, and gives you a chance to explore and interact with them. On top of that, the twist of the first game is still one of the best and most memorable in any game, Star Wars or otherwise, so you're in for a treat if you have yet to be spoiled on it. Seriously, just go play it now.

And that's all we have! No matter what genre of game you enjoy, if you're a Star Wars fan, there are plenty of games for you to spend hours and hours playing while you wait for the next new thing.

How about you? Any Star Wars games you remember fondly? Any new ideas you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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