[Top 10] RDO Best Melee Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Let's take you through our favorite melee weapons.

Melee weapons are not necessarily useful when it comes to gunfights or anything. Nevertheless, they are one of the best ornaments that a game could offer. You might only use them for fun or when you’ve got nothing to lose but they can certainly make those moments worthwhile.

All of them inflict very little damage. So the stats are quite irrelevant in this discussion. It’s basically about looks and their capability to entertain. So, here are our top picks, unranked.

10. Bagshot Knife

Ooh, shiny!

Knives are the most common melee weapon in any game and it’s definitely a must-have equipment on an outlaw’s belt. The Bagshot knife is a knife that you’ll love to have. It is a hand-crafted hunting knife.

How to get it
If you have purchased The Quick Draw Club No. 3 in Red Dead Online for 25 Gold Bars, you’ll unlock The Bagshot after reaching Rank 25 and it can be claimed at the Fence.

9. Cleaver

Look at that blade!

A wide-bladed ax with a short ridged wooden handle, this hunting and cooking tool is usually used to prepare animal carcasses and chop through thick meat, cartilage, and bone. These properties also make for an effective combat weapon, and it can also be thrown for a stealth kill.

How to get it
At the Fence for $8.00

8. Ancient Tomahawk


A traditional native Tomahawk with a striped bound shaft and polished sharp blade. Although showing some signs of its age, this weapon has been well maintained by one of the locals. This is also a projectile, meaning it can be thrown at your enemy.

How to get it
At the Fence for $5.50

7. Hunting Knife

Never underestimate the basic tool!

An all-purpose Bowie knife with a sharp clip-point blade, steel crossguard, and sturdy wooden handle. Designed for combat, this weapon can give the edge to any close-quarters melee fight, or be used for silent takedowns. For hunters, this is also the perfect weapon for killing and skinning animals. Remember: there are no rules in a knife fight.

How to get it
It’s already there in your belt when you start the game.

6. Hunter Hatchet

Someone's pissed!

As the in-game description reads, this is a rare Hatchet, with a long-bearded ax bit that allows for greater control when planing or shaving wood. However, we all know that you don’t get to chop woods in the Wild West. The only purpose of melee weapons in RDO is to attack or take down people or animals and to skin your prey (animation).

How to get it
At the Fence for $5.00

5. Bound Shears

Who the hell invented this!

A pair of shears, fastened with leather and fashioned into a knife. The Shears work the same as the hunting knife, the only difference being the appearance. It is arguably one of the best-looking melee weapons and suits great on an outlaw.

How to get it
By purchasing The Halloween Pass 2 in Red Dead Online for 20 Gold Bars. The Shears are unlocked after reaching Rank 8 and can be claimed at the Fence.

4. Águila Machete

What a beauty!

A classic machete restyled for the use of adventurous and belligerent Collectors. Yes, you need to take on the Collector role to unlock this. This is in Madam Nazar’s shop. So, we don’t need to mention that it’s very beautiful.

How to get it
The Águila Machete can be bought from Madam Nazar at the price of one Role Token and six gold bars after reaching Collector rank 5.

3. Jawbone Knife

Look at that texture!

As the in-game description reads, it is a knife made from bone and flint. There’s literally nothing else to say about this knife. This will definitely give everyone the chills when you bring it out of your sheathe.

How to get it
At the Fence for $105

2. Zavala Machete


Though it’s an unranked list, I’ve almost listed these weapons in terms of looks. So, I don’t really need to mention why this one’s kinda at the top of the list. This weapon is among the most intimidating weapons in the game. This is a large, sharp machete with an ornate handle.

How to get it
By buying The Halloween Pass in Red Dead Online for 15 Gold Bars. The Machete is unlocked after reaching Rank 20 and can be claimed at the Fence.

1. Toxic Moonshine Bottle

Only for the best craftsmen; and toxic!

This one has nothing to do with looks. It’s all about the consequences. It creates a cloud of toxic fumes on impact, choking and disorienting enemies. While the toxic moonshine bottle isn't initially lethal, a character can choke to death on the flumes.

How to get it
The Toxic Moonshine Bottle can be purchased from the Moonshiner Store for the price of $5.00. It can also be crafted after reaching Moonshiner rank 5 and purchasing the Toxic Moonshine Pamphlet for $500.00 and one role token at a Fence.

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