[Top 5] Red Dead Online Shotguns And How To Get Them

Best Shotguns In RDO
I call shotgun!

If you’ve ever “called shotgun” before riding in the front passenger seat of a vehicle, you’re using an expression that was coined in the Wild West.

The passenger on a wagon would “ride shotgun”, meaning they would be armed and ready for bandits or other dangers.

The virtual world of Red Dead Online has plenty of dangers, and just like the way it was in real life, a shotgun can be a vital tool to fend them off. Here’s our breakdown of the best shotguns in Red Dead Online and how to get them.

5. Sawed-Off Shotgun

The barrel is cut short, just like your opponents will be.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is unique in this list because it is carried as a side-arm, and can even be dual-wielded. Many players pair this gun with a revolver or pistol, giving them power and versatility for medium to close range encounters. It’s double-barreled, meaning you’ve got two shots before having to reload. It’s available to purchase for $111.00 from the handheld catalogue or any gunsmith once you reach rank 19.

Sawed-Off Shotgun Stats

4. Double-Barreled Shotgun

It's like having angry, explosive twins.

This classic shotgun can be devastating in skilled hands, boasting more damage than any other on this list. That power, however, comes at a cost of reduced firing capacity and accuracy. If you’re close enough those two barrels can knock down nearly any target you set your sights on, just don’t miss. The Double-Barreled Shotgun is available when you reach rank 30 and can be purchased from the handheld catalogue or any gunsmith for $185.00.

Double-Barreled Shotgun stats

3. Semi-Auto Shotgun

More like "semi-awesome".

This shotgun combines speed and damage into one finely crafted weapon. With a high fire rate and an ammo capacity of 5 shells it can make quick work of most opponents (or wildlife). You can purchase this versatile option from the catalogue or any gunsmith after you reach rank 42. It doesn’t come cheap though, with a price tag of $540.00

Semi-Auto Shotgun stats

2. Pump-Action Shotgun

Feeling pumped yet?

The Pump-Action Shotgun projects a lot of power and has a relatively quick reload speed. It’s not as accurate as some of the other options but boasts a fast fire rate when fired from the hip. It can hold 5 shells and is available for $266.00 from the catalogue or a gunsmith after you reach rank 5.

Pump-Action Shotgun stats

1. Repeating Shotgun

Repetition is the key to learning, right? Teach some lessons with this shotgun.

The Repeating Shotgun often competes for the title of “Best Gun in the Game” in online forums, and for good reason. This lever-action heart stopper has exceptional range and accuracy for weapons in its class, and holds more ammo than any other with a capacity of 6 shells. It’s unlocked very early as well, at rank 11, but it’ll cost you $434.00. If you decide to save up for this great equalizer then you’ll find it in the catalogue or at any gunsmith store.

Repeating Shotgun stats

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