[Top 5] RDO Best Revolvers in Game

Best Revolvers in RDO
Stick em up!

There are two things a proper cowpoke needs… a good horse—here’s to lookin’ at you Vonnegut (my amber champagne Missouri Fox Trotter, such a wonderful boah). And a good revolver. And that’s it, literally. You + Horse + Revolver = Proper Cowpoke. That’s just basic math, partner.

Good ol’ six shooters… though not all revolvers are technically six shooters, as we will see in our list. But a revolver is a repeating handgun that uses a revolving cylinder with multiple chambers to contain and fire rounds. 

In the land of Red Dead Online, not all revolvers are made the same. All cowpokes need to decide what sort of hardware they’re packing on their hip. The right revolver can save your life when you’re outnumbered in a PvE shootout, or during a scrappy PvP fight.

Playstyle comes into consideration but you gotta look at each weapon’s stats too—damage, range, accuracy, fire rate, and reload. Oh! And don’t forget about aesthetics, cowpoke! Gotta have a good lookin’ gun.

Here are the [Top 5] Revolvers in RDO ranked good to best… Draw! pew pew


5. Double-Action Revolver

It shoots fast... at least

See the Double-Action Revolver fire

First up on our list is the Double-Action Revolver, brought to you by D.D. Packenbush… what a great name. This self-cocking revolver boasts the fastest fire rate amongst the revolvers in RDO, but the Double-Action revolver packs the weakest punch and has the least amount of accuracy. To help offset these statistical blunders, consider pairing dual-wielding Double-Actions with the Gunslinger’s Choice ability card to boost the damage and accuracy.

  • Fastest Fire Rate
  • Deadly when dual-wielding and using Gunslinger’s Choice ability card
  • Affordable and fun to use while a lower rank in RDO
  • Double-Action Revolver Stats (based off the chart in Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

Double-Action Revolver Stats (based off the chart in the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

  • Damage- 1.5/4
  • Range- 2/4
  • Fire Rate- 3.25/4
  • Reload- 2.8/4
  • Accuracy- 2/4

Unlocks at Rank 17

Costs $127 at the Gunsmith/Catalogue


4. Cattleman Revolver

Can't go wrong with the ol' reliable Cattleman

See the Cattleman in action

The Buck Original Cattleman Revolver is plain, simple, reliable, and a classic. You really can’t go wrong with the Cattleman Revolver, especially considering it only costs $50 at the gunsmith. The Cattleman doesn’t do anything particularly well, but it isn’t weak in any category either. 

Quite well balanced for the first handgun you get in RDO. Very customizable, load it with Express or Split Point rounds and you’re good to go, cowpoke.

  • Great value for $50
  • Lots of variants and customizable
  • Statistically well-balanced weapon

Cattleman Revolver Stats (based off the chart in Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

  • Damage- 1.75/4
  • Range- 2/4
  • Fire Rate- 3/4
  • Reload- 2.75/4
  • Accuracy- 2.75/4

Available when you begin

Costs $50 at the gunsmith/catalogue


3. Schofield Revolver

Great all-around revovler

Watch the Schofield shoot

The Schofield by Hutton & Baird is like an upgraded Cattleman Revolver with a slightly slower fire and reload rate, but it has higher accuracy and deals out a little more damage. Once you improve the barrel and add the sights, the Schofield turns into a beast of handgun that many players have a hard time walking away from… regardless of which side of the barrel you’re on. Some players choose to keep the Schofield and not upgrade to one of the next two revolvers on our list.

  • Great damage, accuracy, and fire rate
  • Unlocks early in the game
  • Great revolver regardless of what rank you are
  • Great for PvE and PvP

Schofield Revolver Stats (based off the chart in Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

  • Damage- 1.8/4
  • Range- 2/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.8/4
  • Reload- 2.5/4
  • Accuracy- 3/4

 Available at Rank 9

Available to purchase for $192 at the gunsmith/catalogue


2. Lemat Revolver

It's got a freakin' shotgun on it!

Watch the LeMat do its thing

The LeMat Revolver, aka the ‘Grape Shot Revolver’, is another mad creation from D.D. Peckenbush (I love that name for some reason) and is a beast of a handgun. The LeMat is the only revolver in game that has a 9-round cylinder and oh, yeah… it has a freakin’ 20-gauge shotgun barrel attached to it! That’s right, the LeMat not only has a few extra rounds, but it can fire a shotgun round too, for when the bad guys get a little too close.

Statistically, the LeMat is very similar to the Schofield—a little more firepower but slower in fire rate and reload and a little less accuracy. The slower reload time is understandable considering there are 3 more rounds than the typical six-shooters.

  • The extra rounds and shotgun round make it great for big PvE shootouts
  • It has a freaking shotgun on it!
  • While dual-wielding, you have 20 shots before you need to reload

LeMAt Revolver Stats (based off the chart in Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

  • Damage- 2/4
  • Range- 2/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.4/4
  • Reload- 2.25/4
  • Accuracy- 2.8/4

Available at Rank 1

Available to purchase at gunsmith/catalogue for $317


1. Navy Revolver

It's simply the best

See the Navy blast its enemies

Yes, yes, my friends. Without question the Navy reigns supreme and I’ll die on this hill, partner! Not only is it the best statistically, but just look at it! Boy, howdy is that a fine-looking weapon. Ever seen The Good, Bad, and the Ugly? Eastwood is rolling with a Navy Revolver... just sayin’.

Statistically, it is quite close to the LeMat, although being slightly better in damage and accuracy, and has a fairly significant advantage in fire rate. The boost in damage and accuracy makes the Navy Revolver a favorite amongst pistoleros who enjoy PvP play. Load your dual-wielding Navy revolvers with Express rounds and go hit the PvP matchmaking lobby.

  • Statistically, the best revolver in RDO
  • Most damage, especially if using Express rounds and Gunslinger’s Choice ability card.
  • Deadly and accurate enough to be used in PvP
  • Beautiful looking weapon, makes the other cowpokes jealous of your sweet style

Colt Navy Revolver Stats (based off the chart in Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue)

  • Damage- 2.1/4
  • Range- 2/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.9/4
  • Reload- 2/4
  • Accuracy- 2.9/4

Available at Rank 1

Available to purchase at gunsmith/catalogue for $275

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