[Top 5] RDO Best Revolvers (And How To Get Them)

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Can’t figure out which revolver you should use as an outlaw in Red Dead Online’s Wild West? Let’s get you acquainted with them.

A sidearm is definitely a cowboy’s best friend in the Wild West. Whichever path you decide to take on an outlaw, you’ll always need these. What’s suits a cowboy better than a classic revolver!

To get the best buddy with the puny money you’ll make at the start, you’ll need to be very picky at first. So, here’s a detailed list of top-tier revolvers for you to choose from. This list was made by surveying many poles on Reddit and elsewhere.

5. Double-Action

Action to the core!

Price: $127
Unlock level: 17

About 3% of players prefer Double-action revolvers to other revolvers. It deals the least damage among the revolvers on this list. Its reload speed is somewhat okay but it feels bad because the total amount of damage you can deal per reload is pretty low. You can buy this from the gun stores after you reach rank 17.


  • Damage - 25.5, ( a player with full ring and full core of health has 120hp)
  • Fire rate - 0.37s (single) and 0.26s (dual-wield)
  • Reload time - 2.25s (single), 5.60s (dual)

Details: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/catalogue/online/products/5d04702c
In action:

4. Cattleman


Price: $50
Unlock level: You’ll be given a Cattleman during the prologue

4% of players rely on this revolver. It deals slightly higher damage than the Double-Action revolver. It’s a fairly okay revolver for PvE but you shouldn’t compete in PvP matches wielding one or a couple of these. If you choose to use the Cattleman revolver, you should always dual wield. The reload time becomes relatively low when you dual wield.


  • Damage - 30.9
  • Fire rate - 0.43s (single), 0.35s (dual-wield)
  • Reload time - 2.50s (single), 5.10s (dual-weild)

Details: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/catalogue/online/products/e46e8556
In action:

3. Schofield

Ebony and Ivory!

Price: $192
Unlock level: 9

The Schofield gets 12% votes on average. It deals a moderate amount of damage. Its rate of fire and reload speed are slower than the Cattleman. However, when you dual-wield these bad boys, The reload speed shoots up. This makes it a pretty good choice if you don’t want to spend much. This revolver is quite decent for PvE.


  • Damage - 34
  • Fire rate - 0.60s (single), 0.40 (dual-wield)
  • Reload time - 2.60s (single), 4.70s (dual-wield)

Details: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/catalogue/online/products/7d9c87bf
In action:

2. LeMat


Price: $317
Unlock level: 1

The LeMat is an extremely versatile revolver even though it got 24% votes on average. Both the LeMat and the Navy revolver deserve the top rank on this list. The best part about this gun is that it has an under-barrel shotgun attachment. It has the slowest reload time but the increased ammo capacity makes up for it. It holds 9 bullets whereas other revolvers only hold 6. Even if you run out of bullets, you can always use shotgun shells that the under-barrel attachment holds. It can only hold one shell at a time. It’s good for both PvP and PvE but we recommend you use it, especially for PvE.


  • Damage - 38.8
  • Fire rate - 0.62s (single), 0.40s (dual-wield)
  • Reload time - 6s (single), 10.70 (dual-wield)

Details: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/catalogue/online/products/d273d168
In action:

1. Navy revolver

A capitan!

Price: $275
Unlock level: 1

Well, The community announces this beast as the top revolver in RDO. So, how can we not put this in the number one position? It earns about 58% of votes on average. It’s the deadliest revolver in the game as it deals the most amount of damage. It has a relatively slow reload speed but it matters less when you can kill a guy with 3 shots even if you aim blindly. Even though it’s the most accurate revolver in the game, it costs less than the LeMat. This one will always give you an edge in PvP.


  • Damage - 41.8
  • Fire rate - 0.50s (single), 0.36 (dual-wield)
  • Reload time - 4.25s (single), 7.5(dual-wield)

Details: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/catalogue/online/products/e709147a
In action:


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