[Top 10] Red Dead Online Ability Cards for PvP

Red Dead Redemption Online Ability Cards
How about a game of cards?

Red Dead Online not only gives you plenty of options when it comes to weapons, horses, clothes and equipment, but also ability cards.

Different ability cards unlock as you rank up/purchase them, and can be upgraded as well. You get four different slots to equip these cards in: one that modifies your Dead Eye ability and three passive ability modifying cards can be chosen as well.

There’s a plethora of choices that can cater to any playstyle, so do some experimenting and see what works for you and your specific weapon loadouts.

With all of these options to choose from, the right selection can be overwhelming. To help you out here’s our top ten choices for ability cards in RDO for PvP.

10. Gunslinger's Choice (unlocked at rank 10)

Gunslinger's Choice Ability Card

This Combat Ability card is the perfect choice (see what I did there?) for those who enjoy dual-wielding, as it will increase your accuracy and damage output while doing so.

9. Iron Lung (unlocked at rank 10)

Iron Lung Ability Card

Iron Lung is a recovery ability card that causes your stamina to regenerate faster and you to take less damage depending on your current stamina level.

8. Hunker Down (unlocked at rank 20)

Hunker Down Ability Card

With this defensive ability equipped you’ll take less damage while in cover.

7. Slow and Steady (unlocked at rank 42)

Slow and Steady Ability Card

This is a great Dead Eye card for tank builds. While Dead Eye is active you take less damage and headshots won’t immediately kill you. Taking damage drains your Dead Eye, and you can’t run or sprint while it’s active.

6. The Unblinking Eye (unlocked at rank 26)

The Unblinking Eye Ability Card

This ability card compliments the last one well, causing your Dead Eye and Eagle Eye to drain slower.

5. Come Back Stronger (unlocked at rank 10)

Come Back Stronger Ability Card

This could be a good selection for any build, causing you to begin regenerating health after taking damage sooner.

4. Paint It Black (unlocked at rank 2)

Paint It Black Ability Card

Anyone familiar with the single player story will feel right at home using this Dead Eye card. When you activate Dead Eye with this card equipped you can “paint” targets on enemies, then fire your weapon to shoot all marked targets.

3. Landon's Patience (unlocked at rank 18)

Landon's Patience Ability Card

This card benefits those who are, well, patient. The longer you wait between shots the more damage your next shot does, up to 15 seconds. Ideal for snipers or longer range, slower firing weapons.

2. Winning Streak (unlocked at rank 48)

Winning Streak Ability Card

For those of you who aren’t as patient, this card is for you. Each consecutive shot on the same target does more damage than the previous shot. Quick firing weapons like repeaters are great to use with this ability.

1. Slippery Bastard (unlocked at rank 50)

Slippery Bastard Ability Card

This Dead Eye ability is a game changer. Most combat is done by aiming near your enemy and the game’s “aim assist” locks onto your target. This card makes that null and void while your Dead Eye is active. Enemies will have reduced accuracy as well, so even when they do have you in their crosshairs they’re still less likely to hit you. The downside is that the same effects occur to you as well, so using weapons at closer or longer range (shotguns and sniper rifles) can make life a little easier for you while making it much harder for your opponents.

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