[Top 10] RDO Best Female Outfits And How To Get Them

In the Wilderness looking for prey!

If personal opinions can't narrow down your favorite outfits from all those tailor shops for you, let this list help you.

In addition to participating in the ultimate cowboy fantasy, one of the main reasons for playing Red Dead Online is to try on all those outfits. All kidding aside, there is a wide variety of outfits to choose from in Rockstar's best open-world game to date. So, here are our top female outfits (custom and premade).

10. El Roja

Red can be the color of many things!

Red can be the color of violence and the Wild West IS a place of violence. This outfit will let your fellow outlaw know that you’re no one to be trifled with.

Hat - Regimental Hat - $117.50
Shirt - Molina Blouse - 3 Gold
Skirt - Kamassa Skirt - $62.50
Boots - Treadway Boots - $169
Neckwear - Neck Scarf - $10.50

How to get it
Buy the listed items from a tailor.

9. Boom


This one’s just a chill cowboy outfit. Perhaps you like to keep calm before the storm. No one roams the Wild West like this if they’re not capable of raining down hell.

Hat - Regimental Hat - $117.50
Shirt - Goodale Waistshirt - 2 Gold
Pants - Lightfoot Pants - $54
Boots - Faucheux Boots (limited time)
Neckwear - Inglett Scarf - 2 Gold

How to get it
Buy the listed items from a tailor.

8. The Redington

Unrivaled, as it says!

The heritage of this inimitable outfit commenced from a resplendent resident who chose to dispose of household items by shooting them at a considerable distance while imbibing strong libations. Modeled in her honor, the Clymene Coat and Guildtown Skirt are perfectly matched with the Bellerose Hat, Citadel Boots, Estelle Shirtwaist, and Riding Gloves. If you happen upon someone who needs to order a new outfit from this catalog, do not hold your tongue.

Price: $450

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

7. The Dauphine

No Faultering!

This superb combination is one that communicates your diligence, good breeding, and irresistible comeliness. The silver conchos on the pants immediately draw the eye. The Diamondback Hat is pure beaver felt with rattlesnake accents. The Porter Jacket is buckskin with matching rattlesnake trimmings, perfectly partnering the Rutledge Vest, rabbit fur Arkwright Gloves, rattlesnake Weathered Half Chaps and Millard Boots. We have yet to hear a complaint from anyone about this first-rate outfit.

Price: $511.50

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

6. The Roanoke


Ladies’ tailor-made suits cut on the very latest style patterns. This includes a Double Breasted Lapelled Vest, Casual Shirtwaist, Cuffed Town Pants, Sportsman’s Boots, and Western Homburg Hat. Nothing reveals the essence of one’s character so much as the manner in which she dresses. Never sully your integrity by purchasing anywhere but from the fine purveyors of ladies’ fashion, Wheeler and Rawson.

Price: 290

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

5. The Kimberley

Elegance all the way!

An elegant ensemble for the pastoral professional, this outfit will delight in form and function. The Prairie Skirt is the centerpiece, with Frill Shirtwaist, Straw Boater Hat, and MacMillan Buttoned Boots. It is one of the finest outfits on offer. This outfit is truly unmatched and of great charm and popularity, and suits you perfectly. Advance your station and order today.

Price: $225

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

4. The Breckenridge


The Wash Skirt and Opulent Vest are complimented with a Loose Collared Shirtwaist, Riding Gloves, Watonga Boots, and Short Stovepipe Top Hat. A great number of ladies recommend this outfit. Wanda S. Pruitt of North Carolina says, “So much is ephemeral in this life, however, your style and bargains remain forever.”

Price: 19 Gold
Unlock level: 92

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

3. The Hemiston

One with nature!

This is the best outfit for the Naturalists. To get started as a naturalist, you must obtain a Sample Kit from Harriet Davenport. The standard cost is 25 Gold Bars.

Price: 3 role tokens + 12 Gold
Unlock level: Naturalist 15

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

2. The Wakeeney

For the apex predators!

The Bounty Hunter role is arguably the most sought-after role in RDO. Though this outfit is not the priciest in the category, it is the best-looking one. To get started as a Bounty Hunter you must obtain the Bounty Hunter License in Rhodes, or from any Bounty Board if you did not obtain one in the introductory cinematic. The standard cost is 15 Gold Bars.

Price: 1 role token + $250
Unlock level: Bounty Hunter 1

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

1. The Wilkesboro

An accomplished businessperson!

This is in my opinion the best dinner outfit in the game. It’s almost impossible to beat this look and it shows that you’re among the top businessmen in the Wild West! You’ll need to be a Moonshiner to get this outfit. To be one you must meet Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch, where she will give you the opportunity to buy a moonshining shack for 25 Gold bars.

Price: 3 role tokens + $545
Unlock level: Moonshiner 15

How to get it
Buy it from a tailor after unlocking it.

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