Is RDO Cross-Platform? (Here are 10 Things You Should Know)

A band of Cowboys in the Wild West

Let's take you through the PvP environment in RDO.

RDO is one of the most successful projects done by Rockstar. It is an action-adventure game developed as the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. After several months in beta, RDO was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May 2019, and for Stadia and Windows in November 2019. Here are some lesser-known facts about the game.

10. RDO is not a cross-platform game

In online games, cross-platform play, crossplay, or cross-play describes the ability of players using different video game platforms to play with each other simultaneously. In simpler words, it means that players on different consoles can share the same server. Is RDO cross-platform? Yes and no.

Rockstar allows players from all consoles to share the same experience. You can share a lobby with your friend with a different console. However, it is not considered a cross-platform game because players from different players can not compete in multiplayer events. There are different schools of opinion here. So, let’s move on to more multiplayer functionalities.

9. Cross-platform players share the same map

Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC players can join the same game session. They can share the same map. They can interact with one another in a non-competetive way. This means you can fool around with your mates in a lobby. You can even shoot each other up for fun. As this is not actually that much of a PvP, the slight advantage in shooting would never harm you.

You can also posse up and have fun with non-competitive activities. You can take care of businesses and interact in side activities. You can hunt for your trader role and complete trader deliveries. You can deliver moonshine, too.

8. Cross-platform players can posse up

A Posse is a group of outlaws joined together to do a mission or a job, or just to fool around. It is the Wild West's version of partying up. Players from different consoles can join the same Posse but only for PvE. It means that they can be part of the posse as long as they do not compete in multiplayer PvP modes. 

Even without PvP, there’s really a lot to do in the Wild West. There’s hunting, there are gang hideouts, and NPC robbers in the canyons. You can experience all of these different aspects of the game with your buddies online. They can play story missions and stranger missions with you.

7. Cross-platform players can not play PvP events together

RDO does not allow cross-players to compete in PvP. It is because console players might have an advantage over PC players if they compete in PvP. In PvP events, a session is only composed of players with similar systems. This means that in PvP, Xbox players compete against Xbox players and PC players compete against PC players.

6. Posse size

Posse is the Wild West version of co-op gameplay. You can make a free temporary posse of up to 4 players but it will disband once the leader leaves the game. There's no fee if you want to create a temporary posse. 

If you set up a persistent posse, you can play with up to 7 posse members. There is a one-time fee of $200 and the leader has to pay the fee. A persistent posse is a permanent party and it'll never disband. You can choose to keep your posse active or inactive. The leader can activate the posse whenever he wishes to.

5. Free roam events

RDO has free roam events that occur every 45 minutes. You and your posse can compete in them if you choose to. These events occur only in sessions where all players use the same platform. So, if you're having fun in a cross-lobby, you won't find these events, unfortunately. 

However, if your mates are using similar systems, you can have great fun entering into free roam events. You can even posse up in some of these events. So, you can compete against your friends and you can choose to work together, too.

4. Distinct multiplayer modes

There are larger-scale multiplayer modes like the Showdown series or the Race series. The Showdown series and the Race series are playlists with various game modes and activities. These modes do not occur in free roam. You can join them from the main menu or you can quick-join from free roam.

If you were playing in a cross-lobby, you will be put in a lobby with players with similar systems as you. In some of these events, you'll play solo and in some, you can posse up with your buddies and work together towards a certain goal.

3. There are battle royale modes

A battle royale game or mode is an online multiplayer video game or mode that blends last-man-standing gameplay with the survival, exploration, and scavenging elements of a survival game. Make It Count and Gun Rush are RDO’s versions of battle royale.

In Make It Count 16 players compete and the last player standing wins. There's no scavenging in this mode meaning you can not scavenge for weapons and gear. In Gun Rush, you can scavenge. There are weapons and hear that you can find lying around the map. Some of these weapons and gear are extremely powerful. So, we recommend you pick them up often. In Gun Rush, you compete with 31 other players.

2. Objective-based multiplayer

Objective-based multiplayer is a type of game mode in which the main objective of the match is not to kill the opponent, but to accomplish a certain objective such as defending a certain object or area. Hostile Territory is RDO’s version of CS:GO.

In the Hostile Territory mode, two teams compete to capture locations. You also need to protect them so that the other team does not take over the territory. You get more points as you conquer more territories. Your kills also add up with the points. Your permanent posse is a better option when playing this mode as it can hold 7 players.

1. Shootout and gang shootout

Shootout is probably the easiest mode to understand and jump into out of all the modes in Red Dead Online. Simply put, Shootout is a free-for-all mode, and Gang Shootout is a team death match. The aim is to kill as many enemy players as possible within the time limit. Matches last 10 minutes.

At the beginning of the match, there is a standoff where all 16 players stand in a circle opposite each other. The last player standing wins the standoff and gains additional XP unless time runs out in which case the standoff expires with no winner. Kills within the standoff count towards the kill total for the match and towards any kill streak challenges. Gang shootout is basically the same where two enemy posses compete.

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