[Top 25 Tips] RDO Guide (Useful Tips Every Player Should Know)

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Red Dead Online is a tricky game. Survival in the Wild West depends on a lot of variables, and none of them is any less important than the others. So, without further ado let’s go over some essential tips (unranked) that will help you throughout the journey.

25. Character creation

Create your character as you see fit at the beginning of the game because it’ll cost you money to change your appearance later.

24. First horse

The horse you choose in “Honor Among Horse Thieves” will become your default mount at the beginning. So, choose the one you like the best as you’ll be stuck with it for a while.

23. Learn to dive

The dive ability helps you to avoid getting shot. It is a very helpful ability that is well overlooked. Diving is very helpful in PvP.

22. Free roam events

Free roam events might not seem interesting at first but they are good sources of quick cash and gold. So, participate in them often.

21. Tackling

This is another ability that is usually overlooked. You can get the upper hand in close combat if you tackle your enemy.

20. PvP loot

You’ll find weapons spawning here and there in PvP modes. Don’t ignore them. There are often among the most powerful weapons.

19. Parley and Feud

Choose when to Parley or to make a Feud wisely. Parley lets you get rid of harassment by other players and hackers. Feud lets you settle things in a civil manner.

18. Walk styles and emotes

You might think that it has nothing to do with actual gameplay but hey, this is the Wild West. It doesn’t hurt to be a proper cowboy.

17. Quick respawn

Tired of dying and waiting to respawn? Guess what, you can hold a button to respawn quicker. Didn’t see that coming, eh?

16. Check your rank progress

Check your progress in the rank system in RDO to keep track of valuable unlocks. You won’t ever be so rich as to buy everything you unlock. So, keep track of your favorites.

15. Posse up

Posse is a gang of outlaws. You can posse up with friends and strangers. You can get better rewards when you play as a posse member.

14. White flag

There’s a white flag at your camp in the Wild West. If you want to prevent other players from attacking your camp, you want to raise that flag.

13. Take a photo

A whole day of gunfights and activities will surely bore you at some point. So, take a break, find a nice little place, and take a photo.

12. Honor

Honor level is an important aspect of RDO. Certain missions are only available for honorable players and some for dishonorable ones. So, choose how honorable you want to be.

11. Horse insurance

You don’t want to lose that horse you just bought with all your savings, do you? Make sure that you’ve bought horse insurance so that you can get your horse back if it dies.

10. HUD

Set up your HUD as you see fit. It’ll help you a lot with your experience. For instance, I like the larger version of the minimap because I need to access the whole map less often.

9. Restock supplies

Remember to restock food and ammo. You can buy them from different shops but the easiest way is to buy them from the catalog.

8. Cores

Always remember to refill your cores. Keep enough food and tonics to keep you alive throughout the game. Can’t stress this enough.

7. Awards

Keep tabs on the awards section. Complete the milestones to get gold and belt buckles. You can reset some of these for more rewards.

6. Ability cards

Ability cards can determine your playstyle. Be the type of player you want to be and use the ability cards that suits you. Don’t forget to upgrade them by the way.

5. Treasure maps

This is a highly overlooked part of the game. These maps are the best sources of gold. So, go on and find these treasures.

4. Cash and gold

Be very economic when you’re in the Wild West. Rockstar is very counter-generous towards players. So, use your resources wisely and never ever waste gold.

3. Specialty ammo

Don’t forget to use specialty ammo when you unlock them. Some of these can give you a better fighting chance. Others will help you hunt better.

2. Daily challenges

These are the easiest sources of gold nuggets. Be sure to complete as many of them as you can and remember to maintain the streak for better rewards.

1. Roles

This is a professional tip. Take on roles and rank up. These are your basic and consistent ways to earn cash and gold. Never give up on your profession.

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