[Top 10] RDO Best Emotes That Are Excellent


Wanna know what a fellow player, FreyrNjordsson, uses to greet and spur other players? Let’s take a look at my top 10 emotes; unranked.

Red Dead Online is an online multiplayer game which means you get to meet real players in the Wild West. Like everybody in society, we meet, greet, applaud, or bond with others in the late 1800s-era-world. Westerners in the Wild West also provoke players and often taunt each other if things take the wrong turn.

The way to interact non-verbally in the game is to use emotes. Thus, these emotes obviously range from greetings, dramatic actions, cheers, jests, taunts, and all the way to crazy dances.

10. Phew

Phew! What a rush!

Overcame the tremendous difficulties on a job? Take a little while to shake off the sweat off your forehead by using this emote. This also lets your ally know that the ride was as hectic to you as to them.

9. Facepalm

What on earth is that MF doing!

Disappointed at your buddy’s epic failure? Let them know that you’re facepalming both in real life and in the game. They’ll burn a bit but that’ll be alright soon. You can also let annoying players know that you’re not amazed at their behavior and it’s breaking your peace.

8. Clap Along


Did one of the posse members just perfectly headshot six enemies with six shots of a revolver? The applause or the clap along is a courteous way to show appreciation for the skill presented. The best times these can be done are times when an opponent has won a brutal1v1 feud, and the honorable loser wants to show appreciation for the opponent's better display of gunslinging abilities.

7. Damn You

Come at me!

That griever is no way near giving up his annoying displays? Why not forget what you were doing and take him on? But before you do that, show him your rage with this emote. He’ll definitely know that you’re an honorable westerner who doesn’t take a step back when they’re annoyed.

6. Outpour

Take my heart, please.

This one’s a literal heart-melter. Let your posse know that you’re all-in when it comes to pouring down your heart. You can use this to greet players with love. You can probably use it as a way to show appreciation, too. Let your fellow player know that their aid melted your heart.

5. Spit

Your face doesn't even deserve my spit

This is a visual representation of “that’s the lowest you could possibly get”. This is the best way to tell your opponent that they’ve crossed the threshold and you’re not gonna hold back anymore. Spit angrily at the ground and warn them that you’ve written their names on a bullet and it’s coming their way.

4. Handshake


This one is best to greet players with joy. It also lets them know that you’re willing to make a pact and be at their side when the guns go blazing. You can use it before starting a cruel mission. They’ll rest assured knowing that you’re willing to see this through.

3. Best Shot

Here boy, take your best shot!

Can’t stand that annoying newbie showing off? Why not taunt them and tell them to take their best shot. Let them know that they can’t possibly amaze you even by shooting you in the head with that aimbot “Paint it Black”. Just remember to take them down right after your hat falls off. That should teach ‘em.

2. Smoking Cigarette

Puff, puff!

Of course, it’s bad for your health but you could surely use that extra Dead Eye. You can also smoke a cigar but I’m a cigarette person. Smoking right before unleashing hell is the most badass gesture an outlaw can show in battle. You could also use a smoke after a rough mission as Captain Price lights up a cigar after killing Makarov. Phew, that’s over now!

1. Hat Tipping

This doesn't need a caption!

This is undoubtedly the most honorable way to greet a fellow outlaw. It looks cool, too. This is when you touch the rim of your hat and tip it downwards as you subtly bow your head. If you’re not wearing a hat, your character will simply flick two forefingers from the temple towards your fellow westerner.

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