[Top 10] RDO Best Builds That Are Powerful

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Let’s take you through the most powerful builds in the Wild West.

I must preface this by saying that there is no ‘best’ build or loadout of weapons for everything. You should change your cards and guns as frequently as you see fit. Also, the list is unranked. That said, here we go.

#10 Environmental Survivalists

This is a balanced build that will help you anywhere. It is one of the most basic builds that suits everyone. This build will help you fight efficiently in both PvP and PvE scenarios. It works well with almost all of the weapons in the Wild West.

  • Dead Eye: Paint it Black
  • 1st Passive: Iron Lung
  • 2nd Passive: Eye For an Eye
  • 3rd Passive: Strange Medicine

Weapon: Any weapon

When to use it
For both PvP and PvE

#9 The Horseback Hunter

You can probably take down a herd of deer while riding at full speed. This one is a combo that ensures precision. It also ensures mobility because of the Horseman card. Snipers are the best choice of weapon when you’re using this build.

  • Dead Eye: Paint it Black
  • 1st Passive: Peak Condition
  • 2nd Passive: Horseman
  • 3rd Passive: Sharpshooter

Weapon: Bolt Action/Carcano/Bow

When to use it
For hunting while on your mount

#8 MF Tank

The name says it all. It’s a tank build, meaning that it ensures durability. You’ll last longer in fights if you’re using this build. Players usually don’t like to face this build in PvP because it just gets very boring when you try to take out a tanker.

  • Dead Eye: Slow N Steady
  • 1st Passive: Fool Me Once
  • 2nd Passive: Iron Lung
  • 3rd Passive: Never Without One

Weapon: Your choice

When to use it
In PvP; highly defensive

#7 Tank Killer

The name says it all again. Well, if there’s a tank build, there must be a build that kills the tanker; and this one’s it. Guns with a high rate of fire or massive damage will help you in your path. Use it in PvP to kill tankers.

  • Dead Eye: Focus Fire
  • 1st Passive: Winning Streak
  • 2nd Passive: Gunslingers Choice
  • 3rd Passive: Sharpshooter

Weapon: Any but dual sidearms or rifles will give you an edge

When to use it
To kill the MF Tanks, of course

#6 Berserker

Did you know that there were Viking lieutenants called “Berserkers”? If not, now’s your turn to find out. With this build, you can be a furious opponent. Short-range weapons are the best for this build.

  • Dead Eye: Slippery Bastard
  • 1st Passive: Winning Streak
  • 2nd Passive: The Short Game
  • 3rd Passive: The Unblinking Eye

Weapon: Shotguns and Pistols can give you an edge.

When to use it
To piss people off in PvP

#5 Nine Lives

Do you envy cats because they have nine lives? I certainly do. This build here is another survivalist build with more focus on PvP. This is a generic PvP build for balanced players. This works best in tough scenarios.

  • Dead Eye: Slippery Bastard
  • 1st Passive: Iron Lung
  • 2nd Passive: Fool Me Once
  • 3rd Passive: Cold Blooded

Weapon: Any

When to use it
When things are supposed to get hard, mostly PvP

#4 Sure Shot

Are you a Marksman? Then here’s the perfect build for you. This combo is built for players who love long-range weapons. It helps you greatly when you attack gang hideouts. You can also use it greatly in PvP if you like to keep your distance from the fire but you love to put it out more.

  • Dead Eye: Focus Fire
  • 1st Passive: Peak Condition
  • 2nd Passive: Landon's Patience
  • 3rd Passive: Sharpshooter

Weapon: Rifles and Snipers

When to use it
In long-range gunfights

#3 High Noon

You’ll never run out of Dead Eye with this build. This build is for players who use dead eye a lot; mostly PIB users. The build is dedicated to enhancing dead eye regeneration. It also makes sure that your dead eye drain rate is low.

  • Dead Eye: Paint It Black
  • 1st Passive: Kick In The Butt
  • 2nd Passive: Live For The Fight
  • 3rd Passive: The Unblinking Eye

Weapon: any

When to use it
Use it if you want to use the dead eye a lot. Good against hordes of enemies.

#2 Team Medic

Is the mission too hard? Why not posse up? Almost every player likes to posse up and have a little gang adventure. This build boosts the perks of your posse members. This is the Wild West’s version of a team medic.

  • Dead Eye: Quite an Inspiration
  • 1st Passive: Strength In Numbers
  • 2nd Passive: Take The Pain Away
  • 3rd Passive: Eye For An Eye

Weapon: Doesn’t matter

When to use it
When in a posse

#1 One with the mount

I absolutely love my horse. So, here goes nothing. This one boosts your bond with your horse. Nothing looks better than cowboys riding their horses. This build will boost your horse’s perks along with yours. It is great for fights with a little motion.

  • Dead Eye: Any
  • 1st Passive: Horseman
  • 2nd Passive: Ride Like The Wind
  • 3rd Passive: Friends For Life

Weapon: Your choice

When to use it
If you love to stay on your horse


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