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Let’s get you the best awards of RDO

As you play Red Dead Online, you can work towards completing various Award Challenges. Completing award tiers will help you Rank Up by earning you Experience Points (XP), and fully completing all levels of an award will reward you with a special Gold Belt Buckle.

10. Gain Experience from Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunter has an award unlike anything else within the game every other award can be reset but caps out at 10. So as soon as you reset this 10 times you can’t reset it anymore.

But the bounty hunter role has an award which requires you to get 10000 XP and as soon as you reach this milestone, you can reset it but you can reset it indefinitely.

It does not cap out at 10. You can carry on doing this a hundred times if you really want to. All you need to do is to go through the bounty hunter, get that XP, reset this award and keep on going.

9. Earn Cash From Selling Moonshine

This is exactly the same as the trader except now for the moonshine, you could try and do it yourself.

This will take a decent amount of time but what is better is if you do set one up yourself but also join up with other players. Yet again on the discord, you can find a section for moonshiners for each different platform.

How to get it
Earn $2,000 by selling moonshine

8. Earned Cash From Trading

It comes under the trader role. If you were just trying to do this by yourself where you build up 100 goods and then try and do this a couple of times to earn the maximum amount of cash to reset this award. 

It’s going to take you a decent amount of time. The quickest way here is if you’re part of a posse and each member has their own traded delivery. That way you can all switch out policies and do each other’s deliveries and you’re all progressing very quickly.

How to get it
If you haven’t got a group like this, well, that’s fine! You can get yourself sorted by requesting trader deliveries from the discord link. Or, you can earn $1000 by selling trader goods all by yourself to earn this award.

7. Collect Items from the Delivery Box

The easiest way to do this is to go through the Wheel of Rowson and Co Catalogue and you could link it back to the previous award by collecting consumables or the fastest way is just by buying as much ammo as possible.

You will naturally go through your ammo over time and if you have space currently what you can do is collect it all now. If there is enough space you could potentially be collecting thousands of bullets which will benefit this award.

How to get it
Collect 1000 items from the lockbox.

6. Sell Herbs to a Doctor

This can be your go-to award whenever you start a new red dead online account. Just go through the main missions and collect as many herbs as possible to sell to the doctor later. After that, you’ll always get 40 gold nuggets.

The location you could always go to is just outside the oil fields within the heartlands. Across this strip right here you can find a number of different herbs which can be collected and taken all the way back to valentine where there is a doctor.

How to get it
This is one of the easiest awards within the game which you can start right at the beginning of RDO.

5. Cash Within Shops

Instead of opening up the Wheel of Rowson and Co catalogue what you can actually do is just go to your local general store, and buy as much as possible.

If you’re doing that with the consumables, that way you’re progressing two awards at the exact same time.

How to get it
The best way to do this award is just to go to the local gunsmith and buy every single weapon that’s available. That way you’re making use of the weapons because you get to keep them forever whilst also progressing through this award.

4. Purchase Consumable Items

For this, you don’t have to do any leg work. You either open up the Wheel of Rowson and Co catalogue or go to your local general stores. Buy as many canned fresh food or tonics as you possibly can and send them to your satchel.

If you are a rich player what you can do from this point is actually go into your satchel, discard everything and then buy it all again. 

How to get it
You can actually do this award 10 times within an hour if you have the money to do so. If you don’t have the money it will take a bit longer but it still can be done pretty quickly. You’ll be benefited from the next award through this. 

3. Jump from Your Horse onto a Moving Train

You need to jump 100 times before you can reset it. It’s a shame with this award that it can’t be done both ways. Unfortunately, It’s only jumping from a horse to a moving train and not from a moving train to a horse. 

Otherwise, this would have been done twice as quickly but if you just find any of the two trains that are within the game ride alongside them and jump from your horse to the moving train and jump from the moving train back to your horse. You can keep this going indefinitely. 

How to get it
Once you’ve done this 100 times you can reset it and carry on going through this whole thing again.

2. Kill Animals from a Moving Train

Normally with hunting, you will be riding horseback but whenever you come across an animal you’ll have to chase them down and shoot them. 

But with a train, you don’t actually have to do as much. You just stand there and look for animals in the distance and if you see any birds or other animals, you just shoot them.

In this situation, you don’t need to skill them you just need to kill them to progress to your award. 

How to get it
You will need to do this 100 times to get your reward.

1. Kill Animals in an Explosion

This reward may seem difficult but it’s actually extremely easy. All you need to do is go to any kind of open water and as soon as you get there normally bubbles will start coming up onto the surface. By this, you’ll get to know that there are fish within this location.

If you don’t have this you can just pull out your fishing rod and even more fish will spawn. Now it’s time to just chug a single stick of dynamite in and you’ll able to kill about five or six different fish.

This progresses the award very quickly. You just keep on doing this and eventually, you can reset it. Though you’ll have to buy dynamite at the fence this is a very small expense. Besides, you’ll get 40 gold nuggets at the end of this so, in my opinion, this is a good deal.

How to get it
You’ll have to kill 2 animals for 13 times to get the award.

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