[Top 10] RDO Best Weapon Loadouts That Are Fun To Play

Guns! Guns! Guns!!

Here are some of the best weapon combos in the Wild West.

Knowing which weapon to use in a certain situation is an absolute game-changer. One set of weapons may suit your free-roaming while another may work better in PvP. PvE is also an important part of the game. So you should know what goes with what and how well. Here are our top 10 loadouts, unranked.

10. Carbine Repeater, Repeating Shotgun, Cattleman Revolver

Starter combo!

This is quite the beginner combo. You’re given a Cattleman for free at the start of the game. The Carbine repeater is unlocked from the start and all you need to do is just buy it. The Repeating shotgun unlocks at rank 11 and is an average starter shotgun. As a beginner, you won’t have the ability to dual-wield. So, all you need to do is buy the shotgun and the repeater.

Total cost: $524


  • Good for free-roam
  • Good for PvE and PvP
  • For beginners

9. Carbine Repeater, Bolt-Action Rifle, Sawed-Off

For the rookie hunter!

This one’s great if you want to cover all ranges at the beginning stage. The Carbine should provide you with great output at mid-range. The Bolt-Action is an all-rounder at both mid and long-range. Finally, the Sawed-off will pack a great deal of power in close-range fights. You can unlock all of these by rank 19.

Total cost: $417


  • Covers all ranges.
  • Great for PvP
  • Good for Hunting (not the sawed-off)

8. Carbine Repeater, Bow, Volcanic Pistol

Young all-rounder

This one’s good for beginners, too. You can unlock all of these by rank 21. The Cabine and the Volcanic should cover you for PvP and PvE battles. The bow is for hunting and collecting eggs. The bow is also good at killing small birds. This combination is kind of an all-in-one combo for rising outlaws.

Total cost: $ 484


  • All-rounder combo
  • Good for hunting
  • Good for PvP and PvE

7. Springfield Rifle, Evans Repeater, Volcanic Pistol

Beginner PvE combo!

This one’s for you if you can’t get a better rifle. The Springfield’s a great rifle but lacks speed. However, it should cover you well at long range. The Evans is a great repeater, too, if you like having a huge sack of ammo at your disposal. The volcanic is the basic pistol that packs a great deal of speed.

Total cost: $726


  • A great deal of firepower
  • Basic PvE combo
  • Good for hunting solitary animals

6. Rolling Block Rifle, Evans Repeater, Sawed-Off

Portable powder keg!

This one is a faster version of the previous one. This one is also for low-level players. The Rolling Block is great for hunting massive animals. The Evans is well-known for its ammo capacity and the Sawed-off packs a great deal of power.

Total cost: $822


  • Massive firepower
  • Covers all ranges
  • Great for PvE

5. Bolt-Action Rifle, Rare Shotgun, Mauser Pistol

When speed is the key!

The Rare shotgun is arguably the best shotgun in the game. Thus in short-range, you can use it and can also switch to the Mauser if need be. The Mauser is very fast and accurate. The Bolt-action will serve you at long-distance fights and hunting.

Total cost: $1074


  • Great for PvP
  • Also good for hunting medium and large animals
  • Fast switching

4. Carcano Rifle, Varmint Rifle, Dual Schofield

I am Blóðhundur!

This is a hunting combo. The Carcano is a beast at long range and it’ll kill the most difficult beasts in the Wild West. The Varmint is for small animals, birds, and eggs. The Schofields are only there to cover you if you run into danger. The Carcano can also back you up but it’s a little bit slow.

Total cost: $912


  • One of the greatest hunting combos
  • Great for free-roam
  • Covers all sizes of animals

3. Lancaster Repeater, Bow, Dual Lemat

Pro PvE!

This combo is for PvE players. The Lancaster is the best repeater in the game. It’ll always save you from dangerous situations. The bow is at your disposal if you choose a stealthy approach. The dual Lemats are for the time when shit hits the fan.

Total cost: $1001


  • Great for PvE
  • Also for a little hunting
  • Great at mid-range

2. Lancaster Repeater, Bolt-Action Rifle, Dual Semi-Auto

Pro loadout!

This is a balanced combo for experienced players. It’ll serve many purposes. The Lancaster is for fights in general. The Bolt-action is for hunting and for long-range fights. The Semi-autos are for speed if you need that.

Total cost: $1533


  • Fastest weapons
  • Balanced combo
  • Great for hunting and free-roam
  • Great for PvE and PvP

1. Lancaster Repeater, Carcano Rifle, Dual Navy

My go-to loadout!

This is also a balanced combo but packs more power than the previous one. The power, however, comes at a price. You trade speed for power. The Carcano and Navy are both slower weapons but they are the most accurate of weapons. So, you can rest assured with these on your back.

Total cost: $1249


  • Most powerful weapons
  • Balanced combo
  • Great for hunting and free-roam
  • Great for PvP and PvE

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