[Top 5] Red Dead Online Best Saddles

Red Dead Online best Saddles
Ride in style.

Red Dead Online lets you live as close to the Wild West experience as you can get without catching consumption or getting saddle sores. As with nearly every item in this game there’s a plethora of selections available for you to ride in style, and the options aren’t just cosmetic. Saddles provide different bonuses to how quickly your horse regains health and stamina, how slowly your horse’s stamina decreases while running and, if the saddle has an option for customized stirrups, other bonuses as well. Here’s a breakdown of some of the five best saddles in RDO.

5. Nacogdoches Saddle

Try saying "Nacogdoches" five times fast.

The Nacogdoches saddle is one of the first you can unlock at rank 35 that really gives you noticeable stat increases. You may think rank 35 isn’t that early, but up to this point (unless you’re progressing through the different Moonshiner, Trader, Bounty Hunter or Collector roles, more on those later) you’re better off investing your money and gold in other things, like weapons and ability cards. Like all of the saddles listed here it can be purchased from any stable, and with a price of $512.50 it won’t break the bank. This is also one of the few saddles that directly lowers stamina drain rate.

Nacogdoches Saddle stats

4. Delgado Saddle

Ooohhhh, shiny.

The Delgado saddle one of the three in this list that was added to Red Dead Online when they released the new roles. This saddle is unlocked by progressing through the bounty hunter role, and has core drain rates slightly better than the Nacogdoches saddle, and can be unlocked sooner if you’re playing through bounty missions. Reach rank 4 in the Bounty Hunter role and you can get your hands (or toosh) on this intimidating saddle for one Token (earned by ranking up within the roles) and $525.00

Delgado Saddle stats

3. Ivers Saddle

It even has a cup holder! Well, if your cup is a jug of illicitly produced moonshine.

The Ivers saddle is another one unlocked by progressing through one of the roles, this time the Moonshiner role. The slower stamina regen rate compared to the Delgado saddle is made up for with a significantly increased stamina core drain rate, meaning if you’ve got horse tonics or keep your trusty steed well fed (as you should!) you’ll get farther, faster. Reach rank 4 in the Moonshiner role and you’ll unlock this swanky seat with 1 Token and $550.00.

Ivers Saddle stats

2. McKinney Saddle

For all the hoarders out there.

The McKinney saddle is earned through the Collector role, ranking up the first few levels there will unlock this for purchase after 1 Token and it costs $525.00. It might not look as sleek as some of the other saddles on this list but the stats themselves look awfully pretty compared to most of the stock saddles you get by increasing your RDO rank. It has a little less stamina regen than the Ivers saddle but more than makes up for that with 10% higher health core regeneration.

McKinney Saddle stats

1. Beaver Roping Saddle

Dam! That's a nice saddle.

The Beaver Roping saddle is one you’ll be unlocking much later in your RDO career, at rank 83. This somewhat innocuous looking special saddle boasts well rounded stats and is comparable to others unlocked at high levels that cost gold to buy. The best part about this saddle is that it comes with stirrups that boost your horse’s speed and acceleration quite a bit and reduce your stamina drain by 50%. By the time you’ve reached rank 83 and unlocked this the $340.00 it costs easily makes this one of the best valued saddles in the game.

Beaver Roping Saddle stats

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