RDO Best Ways To Make Gold Fast [Top 5 Ways]

RDO Best Ways To Make Gold, rdo how to make gold
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Here we’ll cover every possible way to earn Gold Bars in Red Dead Online and the best method.

Gold is a premium currency in Red Dead Online and one of four available currencies, the others being Capitale, Cash, and Role Tokens. Players can buy gold directly from the Rockstar store, however, buying gold isn’t necessary, as players can earn gold from various in-game activities.

5. PvP

Getting ready for mayhem!

Red Dead Online features quite a few different PVP game modes, from archery to more classic shootouts. The reward for all game modes is a small amount of cash and gold. By themselves, they won’t earn you much in the way of Gold Bars, however, Rockstar often has bonuses on specific game modes so you can earn a bit more than usual. 

So, Multiplayer matches, especially those that Rockstar is promoting, are the perfect thing to do while grinding for gold. You can keep up to date with the latest Red Dead Online bonuses via the Social Club. When you complete the story missions for the first time you’ll also receive a one-time cash & gold bar bonus.

How it works

  • Find the PvP modes with promotions.
  • Play them and get some gold nuggets.

4. Daily Challenges

Daily challenges can be weird but fun!

Daily Challenges were at one point the best way to earn gold in Red Dead Online by far, however, they did receive a substantial nerf back in 2020. Even so, for new players, daily challenges are an easily accessible way to earn up to two Gold Bars per day.

Players can earn from 1 Gold Bar, up to 5.5 Gold Bars per day from Daily Challenges, which over a week is between 7-38.5 Gold Bars. This is the most steady inflow of gold in the game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

How it works

  • Take a look at the challenges daily.
  • Complete those challenges.
  • Complete the whole list for a bonus.

3. Awards

You'll get belt buckles for doing this!

Often overlooked, yet a great way to earn extra Gold just by playing Red Dead Online is Awards. You can earn awards by getting kills with a specific weapon or hunting certain animals. The full list of awards can be found via the Start Menu by going to Progress, then Awards.

You’ll also receive a Gold Belt Buckle the first time you complete an award which can be equipped via wardrobes. After completing an award, you will unlock the option to “reset” the award. Resetting awards will earn you 0.4 Gold Bars and allow you to complete the award once again. You can complete most awards up to 10 times and there are over 400 awards available.

How it works

  • Complete the milestones.
  • Reset these to keep getting gold.

2. Bounty Hunting

The most respected outlaws!

Becoming a Bounty Hunter is one of the most straightforward ways to earn gold and the best overall. You’ll receive a small amount of gold for every bounty target you apprehend, dead or alive. To start as a Bounty Hunter, you’ll need the Bounty License which can be purchased from any bounty board.

Similar to Stranger Missions & Opportunities, you’ll earn more Gold Bars for taking longer to turn in the target. If you turn in a bounty in 3 minutes, you’ll earn 0.08 Gold Bars in total, however, you can earn an additional 0.08 Gold Bars for every additional 3 minutes it takes you to complete a bounty mission.

How it works

  • Start missions from bounty boards.
  • Catch and deliver the wanted person/s.
  • Take as much time as you can.

1. Treasure Maps

For the eagle-eyed hunters!

Hunting for treasure is, in my opinion, the best way to earn Gold Bars. You just need to find a Treasure Map and find the treasure box according to the map. Treasure Boxes will usually contain between 1-4 Gold Bars and between $50-$200, however, it does vary wildly.

There are a few ways to find Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online, the most common being by looting corpses. You can also find maps in chests, take them from treasure hunters or even find them on trees.

How it works

  • Find a treasure map.
  • Open the map and search the area.
  • Find the box and open it.

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