[Top 5] RDO Best Dual Wield Weapons

Let's go to Hollywood!

Let's get to know the best dual weapons.

You know when to turn to your sidearms, right? When shit hits the fan, only the iconic sidearms of a cowboy will save you. Although irrational in real life, the Hollywood-style dual-wielding revolvers or pistols can actually save your six in the Wild West. So here are our top picks for this category.

5. Dual Volcanic

Such beauties!

Price: $270
Unlock level:21

You need good accuracy when dual-wielding. This is why the lesser-used Volcanic pistol is on this list. The Volcanic Pistol deals the most damage per shot with the highest accuracy of any handgun, but it suffers from the lowest rate of fire. It is actually great for early-game.

Stats for dual-wielding

  • Damage: 53.2
  • Fire rate: 0.67s
  • Reload time: 7.50s

4. Dual LeMat

Don't leave your gun lying around like that!

Price: $317
Unlock level: 1

The LeMat is an extremely versatile revolver. It has a good balance between speed and power. The best part about this gun is that it has an under-barrel shotgun attachment. It has the slowest reload time but the increased ammo capacity makes up for it. It holds 9 bullets whereas other revolvers only hold 6. Even if you run out of bullets, you can always use shotgun shells that the under-barrel attachment holds. It can only hold one shell at a time. It’s good for both PvP and PvE but we recommend you use it especially for PvE.

Stats for dual-wielding

  • Damage - 38.8
  • Fire rate - 0.40s
  • Reload time - 10.70s

3. Dual Sawed-off

This is the real deal!

Price: $111
Unlock level: 19

All the power of a shotgun in a concealable fashion. The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a standard shotgun that has very low accuracy and range, but up close and personal it can get any job done. So, you can probably imagine what these bad boys can do when in a pair. This is the best combo on this list “only” in terms of damage.

Stats for dual-wielding

  • Damage: 189 (Max: if all 10 parts of a pallet hit the enemy)
  • Fire rate: 0.20s
  • Reload time: 2.50s

2. Dual Semi-automatic

You won't love them as much from the receiving end!

Price: $537
Unlock level: 22

The Semi-Automatic Pistol has a blazing fast fire rate perfect for pumping your enemies full of lead. However, you can only hold 100 rounds of pistol ammo. The limited ammo sucks but the Semis are good with every ammo type; even regular. With these, you’ll hip fire faster than dual Lemats.

Stats for dual-wielding

  • Damage: 30.9
  • Fire rate: 0.22s
  • Reload time: 2.60s

1. Dual Schofield

Ebony and Ivory!

Price: $192
Unlock level: 9

Schofield’s stats surely point towards dual-wielding. It deals a moderate amount of damage. Its rate of fire and reload speed is slower than the Cattleman. However, when you dual-wield these bad boys, The reload speed shoots up. This makes it a pretty good choice if you don’t want to spend much. This package is great for PvE.

Stats for dual-wielding

  • Damage - 34
  • Fire rate - 0.40s
  • Reload time - 4.70s

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