[Top 5] Red Dead Online Best Free Horses (And How To Get Them)

 Red Dead Online Best Free Horses
Riding in the Wild West like a true cowboy

Let's take you through our list of the best free horses in RDO

Understanding horses is vital to your experience in the wild west. You must know how the stats work to figure out which horses will give you an edge. You need a horse that will win you gunfights while proving to be a great travel companion. Red Dead is known for its counter-generosity towards players. So, you need to choose wisely when you use that hard-earned money. You might get the best horses even without spending that money if you know these tricks we’re about to show you.

There are three basic ways to get a horse in Red Dead: Taming, Buying, or Winning them as a reward. Buying would be your least desirable option when you start a game with nothing but $15 in your pocket. Wild horses can be found from the start of the game. Taming one is your best way to start off. You probably couldn’t survive a whole day in the wild west if you don’t think like a cowboy!

#5 Appaloosa


The wild Appaloosa

Price: $450 (Brown Leopard)
           $430 (Leopard)

Unlock Level: 43

This is one of the last horses you’ll probably ride at the very end of the early game. The Appaloosa has fairly decent stats with a fair amount of stamina. It has great endurance which means you can ride it for long trips. This horse can also survive an ambush. Leopard and Brown Leopard are the best variants of Appaloosas.

The Brown Leopard coat can be found at the Tumbleweed Stable for $450. The Leopard can be bought for $430 from the Van Horn Trading Post. Scarred Blankets are very rare and you can only tame them during random encounters with Murfree Brood members. The Blanket, the Leopard Blanket, and the Few Spotted can be found in the wild west and must be tamed.

#4 Nokota


The wild Nokota

Price: $450 (Reverse Dapple Roan)

Unlock Level: 48 (Reverse Dapple Roan)

This beast is one of the fastest horses in the game with breathtaking base speed. It can go hoof to hoof with the Missouri Fox Trotter. However, every other stat fails to compare which is why it ranks low. In a straight-line race, they’re quite unbeatable, but they’re hard to maneuver at turns or around obstacles. The Reverse Dapple Roan is the best variant among Nokotas.

The Reverse Dapple Roan can be Bought at the Saint-Denis stable for $450. The Blue Roan and the White Roan can be found in the wilderness and must be tamed. The Scarred Blue Roan is very rare and can only be tamed during random encounters with the Murfree Brood.

#3 Mustang


An untamed Mustang

Price: Can not be bought

Unlock Level: Unlocked from the start

Mustangs are great for combat. They’re among the worst-tempered horses in the game and are tough to fully bond. The best variation of Mustangs is the Tiger Striped Bay. It has superior stats than the Grullo Dun and the Wild Bay, but it’s also very rare. You’ll probably be wandering the wilderness for a while to find it.

All three variants of Mustang can only be found in the wild and must be tamed. So, if you’re looking forward to causing trouble in the wild west, you better tame one of these beasts to be your partner in crime.

#2 Andalusian


The prestigious Andalusian

Price: $140 (Dark Bay)
           $440 (Rose Grey)

Unlock Level: 36

Horses of this variant are tough and they won't get startled at anything. They can take a punch. These horses have great endurance and this perk makes them perfect for extended hunting trips. If you want the best Andalusians, look for the Rose Grey or Perlino variation.

The Dark Bay coat can be found at the Strawberry Stable. You can buy the Rose Grey from the Van Horn Trading Post. The Perlino can only be seen in the wild and must be tamed.
To tame a horse, you must approach it slowly while calming it in the process. You can mount the horse when you reach closer. After mounting, you have to struggle for some time before the horse breaks. After that, you can ride it and go to a stable to put a saddle on it to keep it forever.

#1 Arabian


The best horse in the game!

Price: Black - 42 gold bars
          White - $850

Unlock Level: 66 (70 for the black one)

The superior horse type undoubtedly contains the best horses in the game. You’ll find here that the Arabian has staggeringly high stats. It has the best stats and is the fastest horse you can find. The White variation is free if you can find it while free-roaming but is inferior to the others. The Rose Gray Bay is arguably the best but is only obtainable once you beat the game. For those with deep pockets in the endgame, the Black variation is your best bet and makes for a great horse in any situation.

These rare horses are worth their weight in gold but can come free if you’re lucky. The Black variant is at Saint-Denis stable for 42 gold bars or can be tamed during very rare random encounters. The Rose Grey Bay is at Blackwater Stable and costs $1,250. The White, Red Chestnut, and Warped Brindle can only be tamed.

Here’s a map to ease your hunt for free horses. It shows the spawn locations of horses in the wild west.

Wild horse spawn locations


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