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Let's take you through our list of the most expensive horses in RDO

Understanding horses is vital to your experience in the wild west. You must know how the stats work to figure out which horses will give you an edge. You need a horse that will win you gunfights while proving to be a great travel companion. Red Dead is known for its counter-generosity towards players. So, you need to choose wisely when you use that hard-earned money.

5. Ardennes

Price: $150 or 18 gold
Unlock level: 36

This is another warhorse in the Wild West. Some of the most well-built horses for combat and war belong to the Ardennes breed. They have excellent health and stamina, but, like other warhorses, they tend to have low speed and acceleration.

They are among the heaviest of horse breeds in the game, but they handle well, especially under pressure, something that is important when going into battle. These horses are also extremely brave: they rarely become agitated, even when in combat.


  • Extremely brave
  • Great stamina and health
  • Makes you feel like a war hero

How to get it
You can buy it from the stables.

Details: Ardennes | Red Dead Wiki

4. Andalusian

Price: $475 or 18 gold bars
Unlock Level: 36

Horses of this variant are tough and they won't get startled at anything. They can take a punch. These horses have great endurance and this perk makes them perfect for extended hunting trips. If you want the best Andalusians, look for the Rose Grey or Perlino variation.

They can be identified by their thick mane and tail, strong body, and noble head. This breed of horse is courageous and will not be spooked easily. They handle well, with average Acceleration and Speed, and are known for their good health and increased Stamina.


  • Aggressively bold
  • Great stamina and health

How to get it
You can buy it from the stables.

Details: Andalusian | Red Dead Wiki

3. Arabian

Price: $850 or 42 gold bars
Unlock Level: 66 (70 for the black one)

The superior horse type undoubtedly contains the best horses in the game. You’ll find here that the Arabian has staggeringly high stats. It has the best stats and is the fastest horse you can find. Arabians tend to have higher attributes overall, with superior reactivity and agility.

Arabian horses are a superior class, often kept by wealthy owners. For those with deep pockets in the endgame, the Black variation is your best bet and makes for a great horse in any situation. It takes a while to bond with them fully but these horses are loyal as hell.


  • Extremely fast
  • Extremely agile
  • Best acceleration in the game

Details: Arabian | Red Dead Wiki | Fandom

2. Turkoman

Price: $1000 or 40 gold bars
Unlock level: 56

The Turkoman is a cross-breed of a warhorse and a racing horse; you can see it in the stats. They are popular due to their fantastic Health, good Stamina and fast Speed. The Turkoman makes a solid steed for almost any situation.

These mixed breeds are part of the multi-class category of horses. Turkomans handle well, but can often be impatient. This means that you can manoeuvre the horse easily. This makes it good for racing, too.


  • Good speed
  • Good acceleration
  • Very high Health

How to get it
You can buy it from the stables.

Details: Turkoman | Red Dead Wiki

1. Missouri Fox Trotter

Price: $1125 or 45 gold bars
Unlock level: 58

The Missouri Fox Trotter actually falls under two different categories of horses: race and work. This combination means that Missouri Fox Trotters are fast as well as sturdy, which makes them one of the best breeds in the Wild West.

They are powerful horses with great stamina, but they also have good speed and a lively trot that will help you travel long distances faster. The Missouri Fox Trotter is an all-rounder when it comes to horses. They’re great for business, hunting, races, battle, and whatnot.


  • Extremely fast
  • Great acceleration
  • Not easily spooked

How to get it
You can buy it from the stables.

Details: Missouri Fox Trotter | Red Dead Wiki



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