[Top 3] RDO Best Blood Money Missions Every Player Should Do

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Let’s talk about the Blood Money DLC.

“Experience civilized crime in Frontier America with robberies, shakedowns, and more new lawless activities in Red Dead Online: Blood Money,” says Rockstar Games.

Head to the manicured streets on the west side of Saint-Denis and acquaint yourself with Guido Martelli, right-hand man to the notorious mob boss Angelo Bronte, to begin your journey taking on Crimes and Opportunities as they arise. Martelli is eager to recover a unique commodity known as Capitale – a system of exchange designed for the Bronte family’s more sensitive business dealings — which has found its way into the hands of the various cutthroats and villainous scum littered across the frontier. The value of Capitale for Martelli and the Bronte family depends upon its scarcity.

3. The Railroad Contract

There are 3 parts to every mission in the DLC. Here, in the first part, you will need to find, follow, and steal a wagon. Then, look for the wagon’s schedule. Interacting with the letter will complete the objective. Next, you will need to pick up the guard’s body and dispose of it. Finally, you deliver the wagon to end the first part.

In the second part, you will need to destroy some supply crates. You’ll need to deal with enemies along the way. The third part will start you off with your waypoint heading to the bridge where you need to capture the Foreman. Search his body for a note that will lead you to your next location, where your main target is. Find and hogtie the main target. Put him on your horseback and take him to the drop-off location, which is the safehouse.

2. The Jeb Phelps Contract

The first part requires you to rescue Jeb Phelps from the bounty hunters. Then you take one of the bounty hunters to Van Horn, where his old gang is located. For the second part, you’re going to need to find one of Jeb’s old gang members. You go to the destination, burn a house, kill some foes, and then the gang member will arrive. You’ll need to hogtie him and drop him off at another place.

For the third part, when you’ll arrive at Annesburg, the town won’t appear to have anyone in it. You’ll need to find Jeb Phelps to start the next portion of the quest. After finding him, escort him to Fort Brennand. Be ready to shoot people all over the place. Defend the fort from rival gang members and the law. Finally, find the capitale stash and deliver it to Martelli’s associate.

1. The Bluewater Contract

The first part of the Crime starts easy enough. You’ve got to intimidate Bluewater John. Find the map in his guitar and go to Pleasance Settlement according to it. The place will turn out to be a gang hideout and you’ll basically kill them all. Find the debt money at the hideout and deliver it according to instructions.

The second part of this Crime is split across three camps. First, you’ll be directed to Bluewater John’s old gang’s hideout. There’ll be a shootout. Find the debt money in the hideout to proceed to the next location. The job in the next hideouts is the same. Finally, deliver all the cash.

The final part of this Crime is definitely the best. First, you go to North Rhodes. You’ll find Bluewater John there. Enjoy the cutscene and hogtie him afterward. Now, bring him to one of his caches and find the map for the real cash. Follow the route to the map and drop John on the floor where you’re told to.

If you haven’t been getting bad vibes about this mission by now, you will get it here. John manages to escape his bonds and walks off playing the guitar using the gift he gained from selling his soul in this very place. Unfortunately, once he’s gone, you’ll be attacked by what we can only describe as voodoo soldiers. They’re armed with spears but are dressed as outlaws, and they’ll kill you if they get too close. Well, obviously, you catch him and bring the cash to Martelli’s associate.

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