RDO Best Ways To Increase Health (Top 5 Ways)

RDO Best Ways to Increase Health
Relaxing by the fire is a great way of refilling RDO's three cores.

In any game you play, your health is one of the most important aspects in the gameplay loop. If you want to survive the treacherous worlds that the game developers will throw your way, you need to have decent health to stand your ground against all the dangers you will face.

Red Dead Online is no different, it’s a game that relies heavily on you having a large health bar to take on bigger challenges and more important quests in the game’s story and roles. It is a bit confusing on how you’re supposed to level up that health bar though, but fret not, we’ve got the solutions for you! Here are the best ways you can increase your health in RDO!


5. Melee Weapons

Melee weapons can make your fist fights so much easier in RDO, but they’re very lethal and can become a detriment while bounty hunting. However, the one time where they are EXTREMELY useful, is when you want to maximize your health XP. Melee Weapons give you bonus health XP per kill. This particular feature is super effective in helping you max out your health bar really fast. The best way to utilize melee weapons is by using them to thin the herd while doing bounties, by stealthily using your ax or knife to take out a couple of enemies before things blow into a gun fight as they always do. This means you’ll be collecting a ton of health XP and still doing your regular missions without having to stop everything. 

How it Works:

  • Equip any melee weapon from your weapon wheel.
  • Use it during missions, quests or taking out any bad guys during dynamic world events. 
  • Preferably use it during stealth.
  • You can also use the throwing knife as a substitute during stealth missions to take out enemies.


4. Hunting

Hunting is an easy option to increase your maximum health. Gaining health XP can be achieved by tracking and taking down wild game, as you gain some health XP per kill. This will increase your maximum HP over time. Moreover, there isn’t just one use to hunting, as you can get meat and materials from hunting animals as well as a whole carcass if you hit your shots well. This means you have potential stock to keep your health cores up if they ever get low, or you have materials to sell to the butcher or at your camp to refill your materials. 

How it Works:

  • Purchase a hunting bow or rifle.
  • Track animals using the hunting sense ability.
  • Stalk and get as close as possible to the animal. 
  • Take the animal down with a well placed shot.
  • Skin the animal to collect the valuable resources from it. 
  • You can also use bait to lure the animal into your range.

3. Brawling

Engaging in fisticuffs and emerging victorious can earn you valuable health XP. I would suggest not to seek out brawls in towns and such, but rather go out into the wilderness and fight enemies that are marked red on the map. They will usually have a gun, but you can quickly run up to them and take them out to gain that XP. However, if you want a straightforward way to seek out brawls, simply keep an eye out for irate individuals in towns and settlements. Should they hurl insults or epithets at you as you pass by, you can antagonize them and entice them to a fight. Some will fight you, and some won’t, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

How it Works:

  • Navigate to towns and settlements in the game world, or search for enemies on the map.
  • Engage in a fist fight with NPCs.
  • Win the fight by depleting the NPC's health bar.
  • Repeat the process to gain health XP.
  • Be aware that starting a fight with a NPC who is not hostile or with a player will mark you as a criminal, and the law enforcement will pursue you. 
  • You can also join or create a posse to brawl with other players and gain XP faster.


2. Bow and Arrow

The secret to maximizing the health XP output in the open world is to constantly wield your trusty bow and arrow. Not only will every kill bring you Health XP and standard XP, but it's also a cost-effective method as arrows can be recovered from dead bodies and looting enemies can earn you some cash on the side. To truly make the most of your bow and arrow, always keep it at the ready and employ strategic tactics like killing enemies at hideouts without alerting others or going for the ultimate adrenaline rush of point-blank bow and arrow kills. Of course, when things inevitably heat up, have your guns at the ready for backup.

How it Works:

  • Select the bow and arrow from your weapon wheel.
  • Track animals or enemies using the hunting sense ability, or by checking your radar/minimap.
  • Stalk and get as close as possible to the target if you’re using stealth.
  • Simply take the target down with a well-placed arrow shot.
  • Skin the animal or loot the enemy to collect items and resources.
  • Repeat the process to gain health XP.


1. Fishing

Fishing is the perfect way to increase your Health and earn some extra cash. For every fish you catch, you'll earn 20 Health XP and you can sell those fish for a tidy profit. It's a win-win situation, and the best part is that it's also cost-effective as you can reuse your fishing rod and bait. To make the most out of your fishing experience, make sure to always have your fishing rod and bait handy. A great strategy is to fish in different locations, as different fish can be found in different areas of the map. Also, take into account the weather and time of day, as some fish can only be caught during certain conditions.

How it Works:

  • Purchase a fishing rod and bait from the general store or fishing supplier.
  • Find a body of water like a lake, river or pond.
  • Cast your line using the corresponding button.
  • Wait for the fish to bite and reel it in using the corresponding button.
  • Catch the fish by depleting its stamina bar.
  • Repeat the process to gain health XP.
  • Sell the fish to any fish seller or general store for a profit.
  • You can also use the fish to cook a meal or craft items.
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