[Top 5] RDO Best Female Body Type (Ranked)

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Red dead online is not an FPS game where body type matters. Your body type won’t give you an advantage or disadvantage in a fight in the Wild West. However, body type matters on a visual level. Clothing and accessories will fit certain body types better than others.

5. Skinny

This is the kind of body type you don’t want in RDO. The skinny shape is obviously the most lean compared to the lower half of the skinny.

You’ll go underweight very easily if you’re skinny. Being underweight means you take more damage. So, it’s hard to maintain this type of body shape in the game. The clothes and other cosmetics won’t fit very well either.

4. Heavy

The heavy shape shows the overall thickening of the character. The shoulders are broader, the arms are thicker as is the waist. Thickening of the character shape only seems to make your bottom look flatter and not at all more shapely as you’d expect.

This is the muscular type. It looks fine, however, it’s not best for female characters.Female clothing doesn’t fit good enough. Maintaining weight isn’t that hard with a heavy body.

3. Brawny

Brawny body type is famous for male character builds. It is almost identical to heavy when looking from behind apart from the wider shoulders. 

Many gamers choose a brawny body and stay underweight. This gives you a great muscular look without looking fat. It has a downside, too. You’ll take more damage but your stamina will drain slowly if you’re underweight.

2. Athletic

This is a great body type in RDO. The Athletic shape has broader shoulders which gives a more hourglass shape whilst still remaining very slender.

Maintaining weight is quite easy though you’ll go underweight every now and then. Female clothing and cosmetics fit great on this type of body. Male clothing and cosmetics fit fine but not that great.

1. Average

This is in my opinion the best body type in the game.With the lower half you’ll see that your waist and lower back broadens and becomes thicker though the thickening of the lower back seems to make your bottom less shapely.

It’s neither bulky nor skinny. Maintaining weight is very easy. You’ll almost never go underweight or overweight. All the items of clothing and cosmetics will fit you perfectly. This is also the best-looking and nicely built body type for an outlaw.


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