[Top 5] Red Dead Online Best Early Weapons And How to Get Them

Red Dead Online Best Early Weapon
Armed and dangerous!

Want to know the best early-game weapons in Red Dead Online? Read on!

Red Dead Online is a lawless frontier full of raiders, criminals, and predatory animals. To survive, you’ll need a good weapon at your side. RDO presents players with a veritable arsenal of cowboy-era weaponry, and it can be hard to figure out which guns to prioritize. All new players start with a Cattleman Revolver and a Carbine Repeater, but you’ll want to expand your armory pretty quickly in order to tackle tougher opponents and missions.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best early game weapons for Red Dead Online. All of the weapons listed below become available for players before Rank 10, so you should be able to buy them from the Gunsmith after only a few hours of playtime.

5. Navy Revolver

The Ranger’s aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip

The Navy Revolver is an icon of style in the Old West. Based on the Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, this gun has been featured in countless western films and TV shows, and it's easy to see why. The Navy Revolver is a powerful handgun that many players favor for life.

What the Navy Revolver Excels In

  • Better damage, range, and accuracy than the Cattleman Revolver
  • Powerful sidearm than can be upgraded and stays useful even at high level play

Navy Revolver Details

  • Ammo capacity: 6 rounds
  • Costs $275.00

How to Unlock the Navy Revolver

  • Available at Rank 1

4. Lemat Revolver

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s pointed at your face

The Lemat Revolver not only looks fancy, it packs a serious punch thanks to the underslung shotgun. Solid stats paired with a relatively huge ammo capacity make the Lemat my personal favorite revolver in Red Dead Online. Even better, you can buy it as soon as you have the money, since the Lemat doesn’t have a Rank requirement.

What the Lemat Revolver Excels In

  • Solid accuracy and range
  • Best ammo capacity in the Revolver class
  • Underbarrel shotgun makes a nice close-range surprise for your enemies

Lemat Revolver Details

  • Ammo Capacity: 9 Revolver rounds, 1 Shotgun shell
  • Costs $317.00

How to Unlock the Lemat Revolver

  • Available at Rank 1

3. Varmint Rifle

You’ll shoot your eye out!

The Varmint Rifle isn’t just an inexpensive rifle, it's a necessary tool for any aspiring hunters and Traders out there in the Five States. Without the Varmint Rifle, you won’t be able to get Clean kills on small game, but once you have it, you’ll be able to make a lot of money at the Butcher by popping rabbits and birds as you ride the trails.

What the Varmint Rifle Excels In

  • Allows for Clean Kills on small animals, which makes for quick and easy money
  • Very low damage but will still kill an enemy with one shot to the head
  • Use the Varmint Rifle in combat to force yourself to get better at headshots

Varmint Rifle Details

  • Ammo Capacity: 14 rounds
  • Costs $72.00

How to Unlock the Varmint Rifle

  • Level up to Player Rank 8

2. Pump Action Shotgun

See this? This… is my BOOMSTICK!

Nothing says “Back off” like the chuck-CHACK of a 12-gauge being pumped. The Pump Action Shotgun is the close-quarters beast of Red Dead Online, able to obliterate most enemies in a single blast. Lucky for you, you get five blasts before you have to reload!

What the Pump Action Shotgun Excels In 

  • Devastating at close range
  • Can be loaded with Slug ammunition for longer range fights
  • Can be loaded with Incendiary Buckshot to easily take out an enemy player (and usually their horse, too!)

Pump Action Shotgun details 

  • Ammo capacity: 5 shells
  • Costs $266.40

How to Unlock the Pump Action Shotgun

  • Level up to Player Rank 5

1. Bolt Action Rifle

The hunt is on...

Much like the Varmint Rifle, the Bolt Action Rifle is a very important tool for any hunters out there in the Five States. Unlike the Varmint Rifle, though, the Bolt Action is a monster in combat! Able to drop most opponents in two torso shots, the Bolt Action’s power and accuracy over all ranges makes it my most used weapon in the game.

What the Bolt Action Rifle Excels In

  • Very high damage, range, and accuracy
  • Can be scoped and used as a sniper
  • Allows for Clean kills on Medium and Large animals, which makes it a must have for Traders/hunters.

Bolt Action Rifle Details

  • Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Costs $216.00

How to Unlock the Bolt Action Rifle

  • Level up to Player Rank 7

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